Total War: Shogun 2 Performance Problems, Future Fix?

Hi, I am posting to ask the opinion of any long time total war players (or anybody with some knowledge on the subject). So do you think the game will ever get a mult-core CPU patch. I am thinking that this would resolve the horrible performance issues I and many others are having. I mean i have 2 GTX 570s and an I5 2500k so i know that my PC isn't under powered. but seriously in any battles above 1-2000 troops its like 25 fps (which is unbearable, and at like 40% GPU load which is obviously the single core bottleneck). I mean i love the total war concept but i would rather play SC2 and get great performance and enjoy a similar strategy experience. I just really want to enjoy it but its hard when big battles are very common.
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  1. I don't get that issue with a Phenom x4 3.8GHx and a radeon 6950 or even with my old 4870
  2. Wow 25 fps in battle is not good. I get 60 to 80 fps in battle screen and 30 fps on campain map. And it is my favorite game of all my games. If you look at my specs you will see I have i7 CPU.

    And a pair of 550's in SLI. What OS are you using? 64 or 32 bit? Have you verify integrity of game cache in Steam? I use to have sort of the same problem as you are having.

    Except mine was on the campain map it would get down to 10 fps and when I clicked on certian towns it would freeze for a few seconds then unfreeze.

    Plus when I would try to recruit men and I would fill up the box's but only 2 would work no mater how many turns I would do the rest would not work.

    Then at realm devide. The whole game would freeze and crash to desktop (CTD) then I would have to do the verify integrity. Also I have to reinstall the game a few times at 8 hours for each install.

    Finally I had to down clock you GPU's back to stock and kept doing verify integrity plus the patch back then which was lat Jan. Now it works like a charm. I know this isn't the same problem as yours.

    But the fix probably will or could be the same. Just give it a try. Let me know if you don't know how to do it. When I play I have everything turned on and max out on ultra. Let us know what is up and good luck.
  3. I am beginning to see that this thread is evolving a bit, hmm, good. I now see that i may have a problem. I am planning on redownloading it now that i have the HDD space and i will see what happens. I might have exaggerated the FPS in BIG battles is closer to 30...which in my mind is pretty bad. So I have my fingers crossed. Also, if anybody could add some tips to fix this or care to share their success stories, or woes for that matter, feel free.
  4. Even though Shogun 2 can be a very demanding game you shouldn't be getting FPS as low as low as you are. I'm running a 2500k @ 4.5Ghz and 670 SLi with zero issues. When i was running a single 570 with my 2500k my performance was still fairly good, it definitely didn't drop down to 25fps.

    What are your in game settings?
  5. My game settings are Ultra w/ shadows off and ssao off and i still get these frames in huge battles. It stinks.
  6. Here is the verify integrity of game cache. You should of tried it first but maybe a redownload will help. Still do the verify integrity because all the games I have down loaded from Steam.

    I have had to use it. Maybe because of the long download. I only have 5.47mb of down load from the net, so my net sucks. I hope you get it fixed. I am getting ready to get rise of the Samurai. Good luck to you.

    If you already know how it is done then disreguard the instructions below.

    When in Steam, left click on Games. Then left click on view Games Library. Right click on the Game. Then left click on properties. Then left click on local files. Then left click on Verify Integrity of Game Cache.
  7. Dude, your internet isn't that slow! I have 130 Kb/s XD...No, but seriously I can't believe I didn't try that I mean really? How did i space out on that... It really can fix issues in games too, i recently purchased and downloaded L.A Noire (great game btw even with 30 fps lock its fun) and it was glitching to the moon (it was broken basically) with the display and the controls weren't even working (i would press a key and nothing would happen)... So I verified the integrity of cache and bam! Worked great everything was resolved. I am seriously mad at myself for forgetting to do that. And also hopefully the new 304.79 beta drivers from nvidia will boost performance. Wish me luck! ( my only concern is that i have never heard performance issues related to the game cache only massive game breaking glitches and freezing...)
  8. When I updated my drivers eveything went to heck and when I put my drivers back to when I first got the cards and everything works like a charm. Two weeks ago I updated my drivers again.

    Same thing went to heck. Put the drivers back and it still works just fine. I have no idea why that is. I thought I would share that with you. Well I hope it everything works out good luck.
  9. I'll get back by saturday (at the latest) thanks for the advice!
  10. No problem and good luck.
  11. 0absolutezero said:
    My game settings are Ultra w/ shadows off and ssao off and i still get these frames in huge battles. It stinks.

    Unless you're using a crazy amounts of AA your 2500k and 570 should happily handle those settings without dipping down to 25fps.

    Have you changed any settings in: Nvidia control panel- manage 3D settings? This can affect performance greatly if you've bumped up all the settings in here.

    Do try what DM186 suggested, as it's possible it may fix your problem for you. Do come back when you've verified the cache to let us know if it improved it at all.
  12. I am about to give up! I have done everything recommended verified integrity...drivers...etc. I think i figured it out though, and unfortunately there is nothing i can do about it. When i check on my resource monitor in-game it says that i am only using 1 core on my cpu running at 100%, my gpu usage when my frames go down is in the 40-60s when my fps drops. So i know it's not me. Unless someone has a magic fix or is a genius i think i just won't play the game because this is UNACCEPTABLE! As much as i love this game 25-30 fps in decent sized battles (they're not even big) is too low for me. But what really concerns me is that people with lesser rigs are running it better than me so i just don't know...any advice would be helpful i really, really want to enjoy this game.
  13. Go to the Total war forums and serch out your problem or start your own thread. I live on there when I had my problems at the time. The MOD's on there will try to help you and there is a lot of info to help.

    Here is the link maybe they might have the answer and if they do please let us know if it worked and I hope you find the fix because this is one awesome game to give up on.

    Try one more thing try running one card while playing and see if the problems stops. I have a feeling it might be in the nVidia control panel. I will do some looking for you on this so try what I stated and I do some more reserch on the game settings. Then I will let you know. Good luck to you.
  14. Thanks, it's good to know that there are some extremely helpful people on the forums...I have scoured the total war forums for months beforehand and have found nothing to help further my performance so maybe you will be able to conjure something up but i fear that i am doomed and that the coding just doesn't like me...I also know its not me because i have great performance in about every other game. PLEASE! if anyone has a solution or agrees with me that its the game, share your opinion and knowledge!
  15. Found this quote on a total war forum from someone with a similar problem...

    There seems to be a performance problem with (some) Nvidia cards since the FOTS patch:
    NVIDIA’s performance in Shogun 2 has undergone a seesaw experience from one driver revision and patch to another. Back when the GTX 680 first launched, it displayed excellent performance in this game but a major patch rolled out on March 22nd seems to have kneecapped framerates across the entire GeForce product range. Scaling from a single card to the GTX 690 remains excellent but AMD absolutely dominates here. We’re told that NVIDIA is actively trying to replicate and address the issue. Considering the quick response they’ve shown to other issues in the past, we have confidence that a solution will be found and rolled out as soon as possible. (From Hardwarecanucks) This was posted on 5-09-12 so I'm not sure if they released any patches since then.
  16. Have you tried the latest beta driver 304.79?

    New in 304.79 Drivers:

    *Key Fixes

    Fixes an intermittent vsync stuttering issue with GeForce GTX 600-series GPUs.
    Fixes an issue where some manufacturer’s factory overclocked cards default to and run at lower clocks.
    Fixes a performance issue in Total War: Shogun 2 with the latest game patch.
  17. Thats the driver i have been using.
    This link takes you to a battle that i test my frames on. I don't know why it doesn't show you my fps and gpu usage from msi afterburner but it's is about 30-35 fps and the gpu usage is 40-50 % for both -sadows off, ssao off, details ultra, unit detail high, vignette off, v-sync on, running at 1080p (oh and btw this screenshot isn't very good it looks sharper in game)
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