Acer AS5755G Permormance Issue and Overheating

Hi there,
I've been having some trouble with my Acer AS5755G Laptop in terms of gaming performance and overheating.

Computer Specs:
Windows 7 Home Premium 64Bit
i7-2670QM 2.2Ghz (Turbo Boost to 3.1Ghz)
Nvidia 2GB GeForce GT 540M

I'm able to get a solid 25-30 frames per second on Crysis 2 on High Graphics settings (which is the lowest setting in the crysis 2 graphics menu). I have looked at game play videos of people with identical specs playing the game on higher graphics settings with a higher FPS (35-40).

This is the case with most games on my laptop. Assassins Creed Brotherhood runs at roughly 20-25 FPS on medium settings while I have seen it being played on laptops with the same specs (and sometimes half the amount of RAM) running it at 35-30 FPS on the same graphics settings.

I have tinkered around for hours and hours with graphics/power/laptop settings and nothing is really improving the performance.

My laptop does get quite hot when running games so I downloaded RealTemp and was getting readings of about 85-90 degrees Celsius at minumum when gaming and its not uncommon for it to get to upwards of 95 degrees. I use gamebooster and that does seem to ever so slightly reduce the average temperature but my laptop still gets too hot to touch around the fan area. Is this temperature dangerous for my laptop to run at?

I am going to invest in a cooling pad, though most of the ones I have looked at only reduce the temperature by 3-4 degrees on average, which would still leave my laptop temperature too high.

So essentially what I was wondering was is there any other reason why my gaming performance is not up to par with other identical laptops and are there any other, more effective ways to cool my laptop to use in conjunction with a cooling pad?

Thanks in advance for any help. :)
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    Many Acer laptop models have cooling solutions that are completely inadequate when gaming. The CPU and GPU get too hot and then the FPS can drop very low as it throttles to try and reduce the heat.

    Some users run a program called ThrottleStop. If your CPU runs too hot, you can use this program to reduce the CPU multiplier which slows your CPU down so it produces less heat. Not a perfect solution but there isn't much you can do when a manufacturer produces laptops with such poor cooling.


    You can also try replacing the thermal paste between the CPU and heatsink with something decent like this:
  2. Thanks for the info :) I'll look into the thermal paste and some gaming laptop coolers to see if they make a difference.
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