PS2 graphics gone mad, any input would be awesome!

Right, so i dusted off my old ps2 to do a bit of reminiscing, however i ran into a few problems with the graphics, not just on one game, but all of them. I seem to be having chunks of scenery missing, or cut into. Its like all the environments have been cut into and chopped up with bits missing or flickering. Does anyone know if there is a fix to this particular problem? I have an image below that illustrates whats going on.

There is no overheating or anything like that, im running the setup through a component cable on a 32" HD samsung tv. Ive also noticed that the graphics are really jagged on the ps2 and im beginning to wonder whether its linked to the same problem, and not just a matter of the ps2 looking dated these days!

Any input would be awesome, cheers!
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  1. The video card has probably come slightly loose. If you are any good with a soldering iron you may be able to fix it. Opening shouldn't matter these days unless you are afraid of breaking it it is not like it would still be under warranty. If you don't feel confident doing it yourself i am sure there are plenty of places or people who would fix it for you.
    Hope this helped.
  2. It looks like corrupt video ram. It might be repairable, but you can get ps2 refurbs for less than $100 these days.
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