PC video card crash!

Hello everyone!
So, I just bought and built a new computer and have been playing games and such for about a week now. For some reason during random times when I load into the game everything will freeze up for about five seconds and come back to my desktop tabbed out of the game. To make this even more strange i can still hear the audio from that game and the cursor is still skinned to the one in the game but I can not re open the game and have to task manager it off. I have tried to fix it on my own but I can't seem to stop the crashing at random gameplay times. Can anyone help me out?

System Specs.

CPU: AMD FX-8120

Motherboard: MSI 970A-G46

Memory: DDR3 2x 4GB

Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series

OS: Win 7 64x
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  1. Sorry about that. I posted my specs above. I thought the 7700 series was enough to run high on pretty much any modern game but I could be wrong. At the time of the crash I was playing BBC2 but it has happened on ARMA2 and others as well.
  2. -Games you'r been playing
    -Crashes are since you had the computer?
    -Updated your drivers? (dont use Drivers from CDs that came along, always download the latest drivers from manufactures sites)
    -Whats your PSU(Power Supply) and how many Watts?
  3. -Well the crashes could have been there ever since I first turned on the computer but never come up because of it being random. The games that have given me the most trouble were listed above. Games like Leauge of Legends the cfrash only had ever happened once.
    -The Drivers are all updated from their websites so I don't think there is a problem there.
    -This could be the problem because it is the component I had to skimp out on.

    That is the power supply I am using now. It is 600W
  4. no i dont think its a hardware problem, its a software problems, and the crashes can be caused from the game it self or from driver or from a thirdparty apps, besides you didnt mention what OS you have, win7 x64?
  5. Windows 7 64x Sorry about that.
  6. Try Game Booster 3 , and customize which app/services you want to close while gaming.

  7. hmmm ok it seems to be working fine at the moment.
  8. It just crashed again :( It is coming up with "the AMD driver has crashed and successfully recovered". I still have no idea what is causing this.
  9. go into bios and make sure hpet is either enabled or set to 64. (high precision event timer.) also which 7700 is it?, and how big is your psu?, what drivers are you using?.
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    its a driver/gpu problem, uninstall the driver and use Driver Sweeper in safe mode to remove all ATI driver files, restart and install the driver again (current version 12.6), make sure the gpu is installed correctly in the motherboard and 6pin power connector in the gpu,

    otherwise its your PSU for not giving the gpu enough power.
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