How should I build new desktop for Guild Wars2

Hello all, I'm thinking about build new desktop for guild wars 2 and maybe upcoming games.

I'm trying to build a new desktop for low price as possible.

So, I decided to keep some of part from my current desktop.

I'm going to keep RAM, CD-Rom, and Hard, because i know those parts does not effect on gaming.
My current desktop spec are:
phenom II x4 830
8gb ram
AMD HD4200
I'm definitely buy new GPU and PSU and the case, but what about CPU?

is phenom II x4 830 (2.8ghz) still enough for gaming on high setting? ( I don't need all max out, but 30+ fps on high setting)

probably, i will buy radeon 6870 or 560ti, waht would u recommend for GPU (you can recommend others)?

Also, i think i have to change my motherboard, because it seems really suck
( i have no idea on motherboard, my current desktop model is hp p6777c)

Please help me out to build new gaming desktop with current parts for reasonable price and performance.

Summary of the question

1.what do you think about using parts from current desktop?

2. Should I change my CPU too? then which one?

3. recommend GPU that can run guild wars 2 on high setting for 30+ fps many PSU watts do I need to buy?

5. which case should i buy? recommend one for me (and which type mid, full tower?)

6. what motherboard do i need (honestly i have no idea on this)

7. approximate price?

lastly, i want the price low as possible with decent performance on gaming
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  1. I would have to honestly say, make sure you read up on parts so you know what goes with what and if it will work right.

    That said, I would also recommend designing a whole new computer. How much money can you spend?

    You are on your way, I'm pretty excited for Guild Wars as well!
  2. Hello and welcome to TH,
    look at what you got right now, 8gb ram and 4 core cpu should be enough to play GW2. (how did it run for you in the betas if you tried any?)

    1. using parts from current desktop is fine as long as the new motherboard will support them

    2. honestly, i don't think you should change anything besides upgrading your GPU (and PSU if needed)

    3. well first of all, we don't know how heavily GW2 will rely on GPU as it hasn't been optimized yet. Secondly, you didn't specify which resolution you're looking to run the game at, the resolution affects performance significantly. So, to go by what you suggested 6870 or 560ti, I believe, will be plenty to run GW2 on high/max @ 1080p. Probably won't push the multi-monitor setup, but 1 monitor should be no problem for those cards.

    4. what PSU have you got right now? if you are to buy 560ti/6870 then 550-600W should be plenty. Just need to make sure it's a quality manufacturer. (Seasonic, Antec, XFX, corsair)

    5. anything wrong with your current case? size-wise, it will depend on motherboard and how much space you need inside. I'd say an mATX will be plenty, but perhaps not. This is really up to you, just make sure that the parts you plan to put in it will fit.

    6. what motherboard do you have? why do you think you need a new one? it doesn't have a PCIe slot? you can get a program like hwinfo or speccy to try to figure out your motherboard if you cannot find any model numbers by examining it.

    7. GPU + PSU upgrade, if new PSU is needed ~ 300-350 USD. Brand new rig, except HDD, ram and CDrom, ~500-600 USD.

  3. +1 to what AntiZig said also there is no point in changing the motherboard unless you want to upgrade the CPU to Intel you could upgrade the CPU to a higher clocked Phenom II 9XX series but it not massively cost effective. I suggest just get the 560Ti or 6870 and a good name 500W+ PSU.
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    I would go with a GTX 570 card, they are as low as £175 and so are close in price to the GTX560Ti . Ideally keep an eye out for 2nd hand. I just bought the GTX 570 for £135 (sorry, UKer here so my prices are £ not $)

    If you need to update things and want to get rid of the mobo you could go with something like:

    Mobo: Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3 - £55

    It's an AM3+ mobo so can either have a latest CPU in it or can use the one you currently have. There is likely cheaper available but this is modern chipset and very affordable

    CPU wise you would either go with:
    Phenom II x4 965 Black - £89

    Or the new fancy Bulldozer.

    PSU wise you want 650W at least.

    To be honest, RAM, CPU and GPU are your key components for the performance. Looking at the machine in question, only your GPU is wildly underpar, everything else is actually perfectly keepable.

    The Phenom II is a pretty good CPU, if you are wanting to replace mobo and CPU I would be looking at going the whole way and taking an i5 CPU and mobo.

    If it were me personally, I would
    1) Buy a GTX 570
    2) Buy a 650W or 750W PSU

    That's all I would do. See how the machine works, if the CPU is holding you back then it's time to look at other options:

    a) Replace the mobo (with AM3+ socket) and Cooler and Overclock your CPU. You have now opened the path to buy a new CPU when you need or when you can afford.

    b) Replace mobo and CPU with Intel i5. Most expensive option but by far the best performing processors (except i7 but that is not worth having for gaming).

    Again, if it were me I would start with just the PSu and GPU change. If things are struggling I would make do until I could afford a full upgrade to Intel.
  5. Thank you all!! it was really helpful

    so, you guys think that i should just change GPU and PSU and case for the money right?

    My current desktop is package desktop, so it's compact size. Also, motherboard seems really small, still it has 1 pci slot

    but i'm not sure graphic card will fit to this small motherboard. Is motherboard size does not matter? (only case?)

    It's my first time build or upgrade desktop, so i'm worry about sizes.

    Why you guys recommend 570gtx? is it way better for buck? worth it to invest another $40~50?

    Lastly, where should i buy those parts for cheap? I'm checking out from amazon right now, but some of my friend say fry's and

    microcenter is much cheaper. Is it true? what about their inventory? are they have plenty for all kinds of products?
  6. I forgot to mention this...

    My maximum budget is around $400~500

    However, i want the price low as possible with decent performance
  7. Don't bother with another AMD motherboard there AM3+ CPUs are not better for gaming than the AM3 and its not worth buying a new motherboard just to over clock. If you get a new motherboard go for intel. the 570s are good value and for only $40-50 extra it could be worth it. As long as you get a god brand there is no need for more than a 500W PSU unless you want to run 2 graphics cards at a later date. the size of the motherboard does not matter as long as you have 1 PCIE x16 slot.
  8. I have no idea on motherboard...

    here is spec for my mobo
    Manufacturer: Foxconn
    Form factor: uATX
    Chipset: AMD 785G
    Memory sockets: 4 x DDR3
    Front side bus speeds: 5200 MT/s
    Processor socket: AM3
    Expansion Slots:
    1 PCI x16 slot for graphics card
    3 PCI x1 slots
    1 PCI Express x1 minicard slot

    do i have to change it for gtx560 or other fine GPUs?

    or is it still keepable?
  9. Your mobo will fit a full size GPU. Your board is a micro board as opposed to a normal sized one, but this does not remove the capability of using a card. The only thing that will effect what card you can fit will be the case itself.

    I agree with simon that replacing the mobo for OCing is not worth it, I simply mentioned it in case you are a firm supporter of AMD in which case your next CPU would likely be AMD anyway in which case a mobo with the latest socket would make sense.

    Buy a new PSU and new GPU. Either measure your case before hand to ensure the items will fit, or take a gamble and find out when it arrives. If the GPU will not fit, then it is time to buy a new case.
    In my opinion, the GTX 570 is worth purchasing over a GTX560.

    Worth noting that a larger case will still have the capability of holding micro motherboards, so no need to replace the board.
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