Comparison, whats your HS/fan/temps?

I thought it'd be cool to have who wants to post their HS and fan combination and other substantial contributing factors to why their system runs as hot or cold as it does.

I think the motherboard and software (bios, utilitys) used contributes highly on how your readings are so please descrbie what you are using to get your numbers.

Gigabyte GA-7VTXE
Athlon XP 1700+
Alpha PAL6035 (want a 8045!)
60mm Delta 7400rpm fan (hums)
With winamp and 5 IE windows 46C CPU temp, 37C system with Gigabyte utility. Motherboard Monitor shows exact same temp readings. I think I in a intensive game I max out at 51C according to MM.
One 92mm case fan on rear of case and enermax whisper 2 fan PSU, 1 80mm front case fan not pulling in any air because of no holes in the front of the case. Its a fancy looking rather expensive ($70) case.
The room temp is normal for Iowa this time of year, not cold but not hot either.

I know you guys have killer (sub 40C) setups and I'm dying to hear about it because I think we all want lower temps!

Edit- Also I used original Arctic Silver on the HS but it was never properly cleaned just wiped off and I've used the alpha on various cpus since it was released. I usually see a 3C drop after a couple days after I put the AS on the cpu.

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  1. Abit KG7-RAID with active cooler on North and passive on South.
    Athlon 1,4 GHz 266 FSB
    512 MB PC2400 Corsair DDR RAM with heatspreaders.
    GeForce2 MX Card oc'ed with ramsinks and cooler on it.
    Soundblaster Live and NIC card both with heatsinks attached on main chip :smile: .
    4 HD's with 2 fans on the side of it.
    3 CDROMs (CD, DVD, CDRW)
    1 3,5" Floppy station, 1 5,25" Floppy station (just for fun).
    Codegen Hightower modded.
    Alpha PAL6035
    60 mm Delta 7000 rpm fan.
    One intake above the RAM memory 80 mm
    One exhaust at back at CPU hight 60 mm
    4 other casefans, not running because of low temps.
    2 PSU's: one 350W CodeGen (running fans) and one 350W EnerMax (feeding components).
    With winamp and IE 6 after couple of hours: CPU 37C, Mobo 25 C (Via Hardware Monitor) Ambient of 23/24 C.
    I can draw a picture of fan places if you want.

    Just wait till my watercooling with peltier is ready, then I hope to get temps around 0 C :wink: !

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  2. right now, my cpu is running at 38*C, with winamp, and 5 IE6 windows open..i just did that to have it somewhat close to what you were doing...
    my system is setup like so:
    Athlon 900
    Volcano 6CU
    256 Megs of 2100 ddr
    ECS K7S5A (rev.5)
    40 gig Maxtor diamond max plus D740x ata-133 7200 rpm
    40x panasonic cdrom
    350w generic 1 fan psu.
    gefore 2 pro by msi (ms-8831)
    diamond mx-300 sound card
    built in lan..
    120mm side fan, not on right now due to modding in process...not on the fan, somehting else...
    i think my temps are pretty respecatble for using the white thermal paste that came with the heatsink, and not lapping anything.
    and this is a generic $59 mid sized atx case, which to my surprise, doesnt really fit the k7s5a, at least i cant use the bottom 2 5 1/4" drive bays....damn capacitor in the way....
    system is pretty stable, and runs things REALLY fast on win98SE.
    i think my cpu maxes out at 48*C...with the 120mm fan on, it maxes at 45*C.....not too shabby.
    right now the system temp is 30*C
    so a 8*C delta with 6 ie6 windows, and a 128bit stream off shoutcast playing on winamp, i think that is pretty good...
    and ambient temp is normal southern california valley temps, plus my hot ass room, with 3 computers running full bore...heh...even at 4 in the friggin morning...the madness never stops..
    well, time to hit the sack!


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  3. Abit KT7A
    Athlon 1.2GHz overclocked to 1.33GHz
    GlobalWin WBK38 with 7000RPM delta fan
    2 case fans + Enermax Whisper 430W
    Idle temp with a few windows open: 42C
    Load temp while playing games or Prime95: 46C
    MAX Load temp with Toast: 48C
    Motherboard temp: 27C (steady)

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  4. When I started this I had a system temp of 22 degrees and a cpu temp of 38 degrees (basically idle). All temps reported by Motherboard Monitor.

    Just ran toast for 10 minutes and got CPU up to 46 degrees with system stable at 22. 24hrs of video transcoding does not see it go over 45 degrees.

    System details:

    Asus A7V133 Rev. 1.04 Bios 1007Beta2
    Athlon AXIA Week 11 1.33C @143x10.5 1.5Ghz
    CPU Vcore set 1.75V (MBM Reports 1.78V) Bios speed setting optimal.
    VIO Reported at 3.73V
    Swiftech MC-462 ASII additional spacers fitted, Sunon Hi Output 80mm Case fan 42.5CFM (36.5dBA)
    3 x 256MB PC133@143CL2 SD-RAM DIMM
    My Northbridge is now only passively cooled

    My Coolermaster ATC201 case has 3 fans active, low power Coolermaster 80mm, 2 intake front, 1 exhaust rear.
    I have 3 x 5400RPM 80GB disks (1 pair in 150GB Raid0 array)
    Pioneer DVD-R/RAM
    Yamaha 16/10/40 CD-RW
    Enermax 430W Dual Fan PSU
    PCI Firewire
    3Com 10/100 NIC
    SB Live! Value
    Promise ATA/66 Controller Card
    Hercules GeForce2 Ultra

    Overall my system is pretty quiet now, and very well cooled. I have spent much time and $$$ tweaking to get to this balance.

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  5. Athlon 1.2/200 OC'd to 1.333, 133/10x
    MSI KT266a Pro2-RU
    Standard run-of-the-mill HSF
    80mm front intake
    60mm rear exhaust

    Normal operating temp 45C, chassis 36C
    Under burn-in, CPU 47C, chassis 36C

    Dorr, Michigan (home)
  6. Idle 36C-38C (depending on weather, but idle is with Seti on)
    Load 42C (Toast)
    Case 21C (average today)
    Motherboard Monitor 5

    Thunderbird 1000-C
    Volcano 6cu (5100 rpm ave today)
    ECS K7V7A
    Arctic Silver II
    Antec 1040B w/ 2 fans: front/bottom & back/top.

    Will get an idle temp with no seti.

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  7. i need to get my a$$ some arcitc silver!


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  8. Without Seti it's:
    Idle 35C
    Case 21C

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  9. nice man...
    how fast is your hard drive?


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  10. Athlon 1.4GHz 266FSB @ Stock Speed

    Swifttech MC-462-A
    Sanyo-Denki 80mm Fan
    AS II

    Temps (MBM5):
    Idle = 39oC
    Load = 45oC
  11. peteb,

    How does that 2x5400rpm RAID0 array perform? I've thought that might be the trick for video storage since you can't get double the performance out of a 2x7200rpm IDE RAID0 array anyway.

    My system and temps:

    Iwill KK266-R Ver. 1.1, kkr0426 bios (no cpu idle)
    850 T-bird @ 866, 1.68 vcore, 133fsb
    w/Taisol copper inserted HSF w/27cfm Sunon
    ATI AIW Radeon
    Maxtor D740X 40MB drive, 2 optical drives, NIC, firewire card
    Antec SX1240 Case w/2x80mm exhaust fans just below the Antec 403 PSU fan

    MBM5 temps C:
    Idle: Ambient 22, Case 28-30, CPU 33
    Load: Ambient 22, Case 31, CPU 39

    I suppose I could add some front inlet fans, but I really want to filter the inlet air somehow, and pressurize the case. :redface: Just realized as I wrote this that adding the inlet fans will solve one of my pet peeves even without the filter, just by pressurizing the case: dust in the floppy drive and every other case leak!

  12. A good raid 0 should give double throughput on 2 channels for IDE or SCSI. My array is good, never really benchmarked it as I have always found it substantially fast enough. Video does not need that fast a rate for even the highest bitrates but what it needs is consistent transfer rates.

    The main thing for me is size since capturing at 12GB/hour and then recoding to 3-4GB files takes a lot of space up very quickly. Of course the 12GB of family photos and 25GB of MP3 don't help....

    Oh yeah - the 5400s are silent too - barely hear them with your ear against them.

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  13. yeah, filters are good...kinda impede the airflow, but keep the dust out!


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  14. ATX full tower.
    Epox. 8k7A+ ide raid.
    1.4T'bird @ 1533 with a generic 250W psu~ just until I get the Enermax 430w whisper back (usually 1600mhz plus with Enermax) It died :frown:
    Crucial 2 x 256mb pc2100@cas2
    Dragon orb 3 7000 rpm with ASII paste
    Western Digital 7200rpm IDE HDD
    LG CD rom, & floppy of course.
    IBM Ultra 160 LVD 18.3 Gb x 2 SCSI HDDs. Latest toy :smile:
    Adaptec 29160 Scsi Adapter.
    Plextor SCSI CDRW 12/10/32 internal.
    Acer Prisa 610S SCSI scanner.
    Digidoc 5 monitor
    6 case fans, ie: hardware cooling and intake/extraction.
    + more.

    I run cure for cancer 24/7, max temp so far on a 29 deg C day was 43C but usually about 40C, using Toast maxed out at 46C (at 1600Mhz).
    At idle 34C.

    I get concerned if the temps rise above 43C, but thats just me.

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  15. That your 250W PSU survive so much components.

    My case has so many fans that it hovers above the ground :eek: .
  16. Did you get your replacement for your Evermax yet?

    On another post you said that it went bad and they were going to replace it.

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  17. 7200rpm 40GB IBM 60gxp
    Overclocked Gainward GeForce2 Pro 450

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  18. Current "big" sheen: Antec big case, 450 PIII at 558mz/124fsb, IBM 13.5GB 7200, GeForce2 Pro 64m, 256m Corsair at CAS 2, ABIT BE6 orig. 92mm top fan, one 80mm intake fan, inside blower firing at the video card (NiDec).
    Bunch of CD crap, burners and such. Antec PS 300w.

    Currently building "big" sheen: Antec 1240 case with Enhance 350w PS mounted vertically with brace accross rebars. Waiting for a good ASUS or ABIT SIS645 motherboard to come out for less than $150, won't be long. Fans are two Enermax Ultra-Cool thermally controlled for exhaust and two Enermax manually adjustable 80mms for intake with open cell filters. Am currently installing a 92mm in the roof for chimney effect. Will install a NiDec blower inside firing on the video card, as per last one.
    Good Luck, Take-Out

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  19. At full load:

    CPU: 40C
    Case: 35C

    At idle the temps are about 15C less.

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