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I purchased an Athlon XP-1600 and was following the installation instructions provided on both the AMD website and the instructions included with the CPU. (I am a novice at this.) Both suggested that you remove the tape from the thermal material after you test fitted the heatsink/fan combo. It appeared that there was no tape over the thermal material, but, I just thought it may have been a clear covering and tested the fit. When I tried to separate the heatsink from the board it required a bit of effort. My question is do I need to clean off the termal material or can I install it? If not, what do you use to clean the thermal compound from the CPU?
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  1. I just had the same experience. Retail XP-1600 with the included heatsink and fan. I concluded there was no tape, just thermal compound (sticky pink stuff). So I just slapped it on there. It seems to work fine.

  2. Your best bet is to clean off the sticky-goopy with some alcohol and a q-tip. Then get yourself down to Best Buy or somewhere and get a package of thermal grease. Put a teensy-tiny (about half the size of a grain of rice) amount on the CPU chip (the bigger shiny bit). Install the HSF being careful not to rock it. Boot up and start killin' the bad guys!

    Even better get a tube of Arctic Silver and use that.

    Dorr, Michigan (home)
  3. Thanks bigrig. My concern was that I had put in on and then took it off. There appeared to be some of the compound on the heat sink and some on the CPU. I put it all back together, but am somewhat reluctant to power up given the posts on CPU's frying in less than 10 sec.
  4. if it is on right, it shouldnt fry...
    meaning that the clips are connected to the lugs, and the heatsink looks like it is not sitting at an angle..
    the pink stuff should be ok...
    and i dont think it will mess it up, if you put the heatsink back on the same way that it was the first time.
    but it should be fine....
    i wouldnt worry about it...and if there is a problem, then that SHOULD be covered under the warranty....anyone else concur on that?
    i mean, he is using the stock heatsink, the thermal pad that was on it, and tried to follow the included instructions, but AMD didnt include the correct instructions...or they didnt update the instructions.
    oh, and speaking of the athlonxp1600+, my friend, bought his retail, as part of a trade off for his laptop, and to see what the retail fan on those things was like.
    well, the box was sealed, and looked like it was not opened, but when he brought it over here, the thermal pad on the heatsink had an indentation on the thermal pad. as if it had been installed and removed......hmmmmm....odd, really weird that they would be able to sell that at full price...
    a used cpu is a USED cpu, can be damaged...and it has been touched, and the chances of it being damaged are higher.
    they should have given a discount or something.


    -Live, Learn, then build your own computer!-
  5. hehe, see my post in the other>stupid column. I installed a HSF WITHOUT removing the layer of plastic! It's truly amazing how HOT that sucker got in just a few seconds! Didn't fry the CPU surprisingly, although I burnt my finger when I touched the HSF. AMD's are pretty tough!

    Dorr, Michigan (home)
  6. yeah, they do get hot pretty fast.
    the new chip that amd is planning on releasing by 2006 will be generating more heat, inrescpect to size than the sun...kinda scary...


    -Live, Learn, then build your own computer!-
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