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Hi all,
I just put together a 1700+ system with a dragon + MB. Just wondering what kind of success some of you have had over clocking the 1700+ before I take the chance on trashing my CPU messing with the bridges. Also would like to know if there is a better CPU to overclock as think I can still exchange this one.
Thanks Dudes
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  1. My 1800 1533MHz I can get to 1900+ 1622 stable. I can go much higher, but freezes playing UT on line. I haven't unlock it either. Hard to believe I would get much more unlocking it.

    defrage is child's play-fdisk
  2. Thanks for replying. The multiplyer unlock is important to me because I don't like overclocking my pci/agp bus. I've done some overclocking in my time and I have decided I would rather have stability than not. I've played around with my 1700+ and gotten it to 1900+ but would have explorer lock up. Not shure yet if it was caused by somthing else. I will wait until I'm shure my system is as stable as it can get and try again. Doesn't seem worth instability to get 115 fps over 101 fps.
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