Video about o/cing a new Athlon+


I downloaded the new video about the manipulation of new Athlon CPUs, but I do not see anything with MS Mediaplayer - it just plays music.

I use Windows ME and directX 8.1., the Mediaplayer is working fine with other movies.

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  1. that is because it is in divx format.
    also, sometimes windowsmediaplayer errors out on displaying the video.
    hit stop, and play again.
    you can download the latest divx video codec here:
    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    if that doesnt work, there may be something worng with either the video, or winmedia player.


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  2. You could Also set media player to automaticly download new codects for diffrent types of media, after that it should be able to play divx videos, I bet not as good as the Playa though.

    ...troll you say?
  3. windows media 7 wouldnt download the codec on my computer...or my little brothers.
    i had to get it manually.
    i might get "THE PLAYA" tho, just because it is MADE for divx media content.
    but yeah, it might download the codec by itself, but mine is set to download them automatically.
    but never downloaded them...just played the sound.


    -Live, Learn, then build your own computer!-
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