OverClocking my Video Card - Wat should i go to???

my comp:
CPU AMD AthlonXP1600+
CPU FAN Global Win WKB38
MOBO MSI K7T266Pro 2
VIDEO Leadtek winfast 64MB DDR GF2 Pro
MODEM Lucent 56K internal voice
NETWORK Realtek 10/100MB
CD Aopen 68X
DVD Acer 16X Pro
HDD Quantum Fireball 20GB @7200rpm
FDD Panasonic 1.44MB
MOUSE Logitech USB Optical Wheel
KEYBOARDAcer Standard 104 Keyboard
OS Windows ME

wat should i overclock my vid card to?? I have a thermal take Blue Orb fan on the GPU.

the cards stock spd is 200/400 - i was wondering if any of u have the same card and have overcloked it etc???

plez help
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  1. take it up a notch at a time, and when you start to see speckles on the screen, or when the computer locks up randomly, then you went too far.
    then you will have to remove the drivers and reinstall them.
    you do that by the safe mode method, since you will not be able to boot into windows if you overclock too far...
    i did it once, and couldnt boot into windows until i removed the drivers, and reinstalled them...
    unless someone else knows a better way....


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  2. Best way to overclock your card is by coolbits. (the OC settings in the advanced options of you're graphic driver settings)
    If you want to know more about it go to www.guru3D.com
    If you overclock, go in steps of 5-10 mhz with the memory first (gives best performance gain).
    Run a 3D game after each tweak, if artifacts or a crash ocured you went too far. Normaly 2D will only fail if you overclocked in too big steps (since 3D is the first thing to fail)
    If it happens that even 2D fails, hold CTRL while windows boot and the nvidia drivers will reset your card to factory settings. (Much more easy than a reïnstall)
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