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Looking for a special peripheral for playing FPS games on PC

Last response: in Video Games
July 10, 2012 6:04:28 AM

Hi all,

So I recently switched from playing BF3 on the 360 to the PC, however I am not liking using a keyboard to move around since im so used to analog sticks. Now before this becomes a M/K is the tool set of the gods and pwns any noob that uses a controller blah blah blah type conversation, let me tell you, yes I agree the Mouse is much much better at aiming compared to a controller however I don't like using a keyboard to play games. Since I will be playing primarily FPS's, loosing all those extra buttons doesn't mean anything to me since a good mouse will take care of the most used buttons. Now this is where all you knowledgeable ladies and gents come in; Does anyone know of a type of half controller or nunchuck style peripheral that has a analog stick, D-pad and trigger buttons that I can use in conjunction with a mouse for aiming? I saw some products similar to what Im looking for like the ones made by Xim3 however that's a little more than what I want to spend. Any help would be appreciated.
July 10, 2012 6:28:24 AM

What you could try is a Logitech G13 or a Nostromo Gamepad. They both have analog sticks (although I think that the G13's stick is better, some people say it is a spot that is uncomfortable in practice). The nostromo is closer to a controller since it has a very specific layout, where the G13 is more like a consolidated keyboard, but I would recommend looking at those two since from what I gather, you want one analog stick for movement and some buttons for basic functions that you don't want crammed onto the side of something like a Naga.

Logitech G13:
Razer Nostromo:

I'm not sure how well it will work in practice, but those are the only PC-specific components that come to mind that suit the niche you're looking to fill. Playstation had a setup similar to what you're looking for that was marketed when BF3 came out, but it seems to have sunk into obscurity. Here is a picture of the playstation peripheral just for reference:
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