Skyrim runs as if seen through syrup!

Alright! Here's the beef then: I'm getting framerate AND stuttering issues in Skyrim, using all distance sliders set to max, FXAA enabled, 8x anisotropic filtering and everything else set to maximum. I've tried fiddling around with the settings, but to no avail.

My rig is as follows:
Intel core i7 970 3200mhz
MSI Big Bang xpower X58
Corsair 16gb 1600 mhz DDR3

Can't think of anything else that'd be of relevance. I'm running the game at 2560x1440, and I can't really see any reason that my rig shouldn't be slaughtering this without a problem yet... insufferable framerates, with animations stuttering like crazy. I sometimes get MAJOR framerate issues in other games as well, but restarting the computer usually solves that. Oh, I'm also running the latest beta drivers (304.71, I believe?)

Now, I've tried fiddling around with everything I know, turning of ambient occlusion, rendering using just two, or one, GPU, re-downloading drivers and a clean reinstall of skyrim. Nothing works. I'm hoping to hell you guys can help me, because I'm getting REALLY frustrated.
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  1. Thanks, gonna try it and see if it improves anything.
  2. Did help a little bit, but I'm still getting animation stuttering and insufferable FPS.
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