Borderlands low FPS new PC.

Hello guys, this is my first post so i hope i won't come out as too dumb.

I got a new PC at Work and i was thinking its a decent configuration:
Intel® Pentium® i7-2600 Quad 3.4GHz, Sapphire Radeon 6670 2GB DDR3, Seagate 2TB 7200 RPM HDD etc.

When i tried to play Borderlands on it(right now i'm playing the secret armory of general knoxx) i was unpleasantly surprised by the low framerate even with most stuff disabled(dynamic shadows is always off in my tests) even during low resolution like 1280x720.
I've tried all sorts of tweaks suggest by my google search, i've turned willowgame.ini and willowengine.ini upside down to no avail,. performance is still poor no matter what i do, it even goes to below 20 fps at some spots.

Any help is appreciated, just let me know what i need to do and i will do, no matter how irrational it sounds :) I've spent two weeks trying to fix this so i'll go for anything.
Thanks in advance,

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  1. You have a weak graphics card but I would still expect better performance. Do other games have any problems? Does lowering settings & resolution help at all? Check your temps. & try a driver update.
  2. Did you update to the latest drivers?
    The out of the box drivers tend to be atleast 6 months out of date.
  3. I got the latest drivers, and lowering resolution does help immensely.
    At 1080p it barely tops 30fps while most of the time its around 10-30 fps,
    dropping to 720p its jumps to 60fps at some points but still drop nears 20 on lots of places all of this with dynamic shadows turned off and most of the other settings turned off.

    I don't have any other games installed, its a new PC but i got bunch of games at home like battlefied3, wow, crysis, skyrim etc. If you can suggest a game which is a good benchmark i will install it.

    Thanks in advance.
  4. Performance wise that isn't bad at all for the computer.

    As simon12 said you have a weak graphics card. Your not going to be able to play many games at 1080 without turning the settings down by a lot.
    This chart should clarify things a lot,review-32481-7.html

    As its a work computer its designed to be more cpu heavy with the gpu only really there for applications which can tap into it like Photoshop
  5. Thanks for the replies guys, you've been most helpful!
  6. Any of the games you mention except WOW will be good ones to test.
  7. Cheers, if the performance sux, at least i wont lose any more hair of this :)
  8. dynamic shadows aside, check that your anti-aliasing is disabled
  9. I believe that in order to enable anti aliasing in borderlands you need to force trough a custom game profile in catalyst control center, and there it is set to application control so i guess its disabled?
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