Diablo 3 is just complete ***

I was on the beta it wasn't bad.
Got a pre order and couldn't even play for 2 days cause of blizzard failing to implement a login countdown type system.
Now after a while i chose to wait the damn game won't even accept my password. i changed it twice and did many other things including a re-install.
i won't even bother getting into it's gameplay aside to say i will re-install daiblo 2.

So, my verdict diablo 3 is ***.

my other verdict. Since the release of wrath in 2008 blizzard entertainment has been ***.

Oh and it's not just my opinion something happened from september in 08 to cause a drop in their stocks so far into todays 12 per share.

during BC their stocks where almost 70$ per share and now they are 12.20 per share if your lucky.

So, yeah that company has gone straight to shitsville.

not to mention im on mop beta and it's well nothing special.
Rift is much more evolved than wow. but, rift however is not "new user" friendly.
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  1. Seems like your verdict of the game is simply based on technical issues that could most likely be solved by contacting customer support. While subscriptions may have dropped in WoW, no other MMO can compare to them if you look at subscription base. They may have dropped but as of May they still had 10.2 million subscribers, so they aren't hurting that bad. Also Diablo 3 is the fastest selling pc game... I played rift for a while and wasn't impressed. Not unique enough to draw in enough players to make it fun in my opinion.
  2. subs don't say much to me anymore. It's dropping in the same amount of time it started. I played since the beginning and Also, I can assure you i am getting into the stock market. EVEN that can show activision blizzard's decline. the largest shareholder recently stated they where intending to sell because they where not happy with blizzard's direction.

    And no it's not "unique" there's a limited ways to create an mmo especially with one like wow as it's been out so long. But, my point is here. Diablo 3 was initially awesome and all people played it most people quit that i know because it's really not as good as it "should" have been. I'm coming from a group of people that still play diablo 2 from time to time including myself.

    Anyways, I'll tell you why i don't care about hearing or seeing sub numbers.
    80% of the people i befriended and spoke to in the game didn't care about much to do in life most of them didn't have much money and enjoyed the basics, had families and other things. I'd asked them if they would join me in other games. more often then not the answers are.
    "I wouldn't be able to afford it."
    "I've got too many friends here."
    "I'd rather not have to start over."

    I felt the same way i played rift for about 6 months and said meh. cause it was generally the same thing. you reach end game grind gear and raid.
    The only thing i can say i did enjoy about rift in the 6 months i played I was not bored. there where lots of bug fixes and often. there was content released often.

    So, the population will always be high for world of warcraft simply because people feel "at home" there. It's what they've always done and most people prefer to stick to that. So, i really don't care to base a game off population.

    I will base it off of the difference it's making for quality over a certain time. I personally and many others feel the blizzard entertainment quality has drastically reduced over the years.

    I will again mention the drop in stocks as additional evidence.

    I am still learning about the history of the companies. But, as far as i'm concerned it's going downhill and will continue to do so until someone steps in and says enough is enough.
  3. Well the population being high will continue to make blizzard money regardless of whether or not its because people feel "at home". The stock may have dropped but I dont see Blizzard going out of business anytime soon. They just created the fastest selling pc game of all time even if people stopped playing it because its not based on subscription fees. And with mists of pandaria coming out in the future they will pull people back in even if its for a short amount of time. People are reluctant to leave WoW because for one, many people invested so much time and money into the game. At 10.2 million subscribers it will take a long time or one really big event or game to get a substantial drop where it could jeopardize the company. Im not saying its doing incredibly well but there are certainly much worse off companies. And with the initial success of D3 they just need to make some tweaks here and there and add pvp to draw players back in.
  4. In my honest opinion I'm hoping whomever ends up being the largest shareholder after this sale really puts some effort into bringing back the quality to the games.
    I mean the games aren't Horrible no. But, the problem is the current board or whomever lacks any concern whatsoever to actually fix anything. I've been seeing the same issues in diablo 3 now that where in the beta. I mean seriously. It's really sad to see this kinds of stuff Still happening. I don't know internals over there but some people really need replaced.

    and yeah as a part of that. they just won't do the tweaks. they released the game and will do Casual patches to make it Look good and that's about it.
  5. I think its only a matter of time before they do some real tweaking to D3. Things will be very interesting once they add PvP and then hopefully they can add some other interesting things. I throughly enjoy the game but do hope they add to it. Ive been done with WoW for quite some time and the primary issue is I cannot justify paying 15 dollars a month for a game. Not when there are so many one time fee games and then Guild Wars 2 upcoming. The economy is hurting and even game developers arent immune to the effects.
  6. Sell high, buy low. Maybe they think blizzard's going to turn sour
    Actually, it's just that ATVI is the most saleable property they have.

    Understand that Vivendi is in crisis. They are a comglomerate, and their value is 40% off what you'd get if you just added up the value of their shares in their subsidiaries and subtracted their debt. This means Vivendi shareholders would make an instant 40% profit if Vivendi were carved into pieces and sold.

    Levy, the CEO of Vivendi, was dragging his heels about this. He has just been fired. The new CEO is reported to be much more willing to break things up, to maximize shareholder value.

    The nightmare scenario for Activision-Blizzard involves one of the ways they might do this. It's called "leveraging out" a subsidiary. To do this, Vivendi would:

    - Instruct Activision-Blizzard to go massively into debt, by borrowing as much money as then can.
    - Distributing that money, and all the money Activision-Blizzard had on hand, to the ATVI shareholders in a single huge dividend payout.
    - Get rid of their shares in the drained remnant of ATVI somehow, perhaps by just distributing them to Vivendi shareholders. The ATVI shares would be worth very little at this point, due to the massive debt load.

    In this scenario, ATVI is left sitting on a knife edge. Almost all their revenue has to be plowed into debt service. If business turns down, bankruptcy looms. The company would become even more money-hungry that it has been so far.

    A sad quote from another forum.
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