27 inch 120HZ or LG 3D 32LW4500

have a nice day every one ..
im facing a situation now where im pretty torn between going with the s27a950D or the LG 3D 32lw4500 ... luckily in my country the LG is on sale now so its by the same price of the samsung .. i have a high end pc my video card is ATI 7990 .. im looking for pc gaming and watching movies + internet browsing and some photo shop and video editing .... can some one guide me here ? ... thanks .
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  1. How did you get a 7990 its not for sale yet unless you know something I don't.
  2. Depends on how far away you will be sitting from each. There is no way I could use a 32in as a monitor.. My eyes would be straining to see the whole picture and would probably get a headache. I didn't see much of a difference between the two. the LG uses an IPS screen while the Samsung does not. Both are at least 120hz refresh, not sure how high the LG's refresh rate is actually. The LG has a 3ms response time while the Samsung has a 2ms, not much of a difference there. Both do 1920x1080 but you might get a better picture in the smaller 27in because it would not be as stretched as the 32in at the same resolution. And I am also curious myself as to how you have a 7990.. haha unless you did a typo and meant to say 7970.
  3. im really sorry i meant 7970 apologies for the confusion ...

    right now i have a 24 inch samsung 2494 its doing just fine but since i recently upgraded my entire pc (for the sake of max payne 3) i was thinking to go for a 27 inch monitor 2560X1440 but i passed due that their prices are really ridiculous i had another look and i seriously admired the s27a950d thats when i found that here there is a big sale on the 32lw4500 its almost by the same price so i said if it will be ok to be a computer monitor i would go with it for the extra inches and the passive 3d which is less hassle and less cost i have a ps3 that i can hook it to also ...but im afraid i fall into less detail quality and the less ability to be able to sit near to it my pc desk is not that big and i like to sit close so i can feel im inside the game... also ive heard alot about how amazing 120HZ gaming is like never tried it before ... 32lw4500 does not have a DVI so no 120HZ but i have the hdmi to dvi converter it came with the card but i dont know if it will be able to transfer the same amount of data or not ? quality wise i really dont know which is better ... never tried whether the 27 inch or the 32 or the 120HZ gaming my monitor max right now is 1080p at 60HZ ...
  4. also i want to add that the s27a950D is a serious High end niche monitor for samsung but the LG is just an entry level HDTV for LG .
    no reviews any where for pc gaming on the LG but a lot of promising reviews for the samsung ... really confused ...
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    Generally speaking you don't game on a TV screen. For gaming purposes you want to look at the resolution, response time, and refresh rate. I listed all of those in my above post. For the LG it has to have a 120hz refresh rate also since it is a 3D tv but since it is a tv it could have a higher rate. That's why I said I was uncertain about it. Looking at the two there isn't much of a difference between the two. Both are 1920x1080 giving you full HD. Both are at least 120hz refresh rate. and they have a differing response time of 1ms. Like I said earlier, though they both have 1920x1080 as the resolution the smaller 27in monitor will probably look somewhat better because it is a smaller screen and will not be as stretched out as the 32in. But the difference of the two would probably be very low that I doubt you could tell the difference unless you put them side be side to each other. The only other thing you have to consider is the size. Do you really want to be sitting in front of a 32in as close as you would say a regular 21 or so inch monitor? That thing will look massive, and probably can't be good for your eye sight putting constant strain on your eyes. But that's all up to your preferences. Either screen will do just fine.
  6. thanks for your efforts i think i will go with the samsung ...

    all the best .
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