Cap framerates for dead island?

hello everyone,

I recently purchased dead island but when I played it but I noticed a lot of visual issues while playing game. with fraps running in the background i noticed i was getting fps of ~250 and I'm pretty sure that's what is causing my monitor to freak out and most of the visual deficits I am noticing.

Is there any way to cap the fps of the game, or any game for that matter?

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  1. Dead Island should have an option for Vsync/Vertical Sync. Turn that on and it will cap the framerate to your monitor's refresh rate.
  2. ^+1
    And if that doesn't happen, you can manually set v-sync to "on" in your control panel (at least that's the option available with nvidia cards)
  3. I use Bandicam to cap my frames when I play games with erratic frame rates. It's worked great so far.
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