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Been thinking for a while of moving away from a desk to something more along the line of what we see with most console gamers. Nice flat screen on walls and a comfy sofa type chair.

I do not use my PC for anything else but gaming, I browse on ipad and work on my laptop. All my downloads are handled by my NAS and it also streams media to my PS3 in the lounge.

So having a massive desk taking all this space is starting not to make sense to me.

I was wondering if any one has ventured down this path already or what the views about this are.
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  1. I tried it a couple years ago and this is what I found.

    I only liked it for casual gaming. Anything more and either my eyes would strain or I couldn't play as well as I did at a desk. Not all PC games have text that is large enough to read from far away on a HD tv. And FPS games like battlefield I felt my play style wasn't as good lounging on the couch.

    The mouse/keyboard issue. I prefer wired mouse/keyboards so I had to run an extension USB cable to each device which was kind of fugly. Also finding something to comfortably place the keyboard and mouse on to use was a pain in the but. And overall still wasn't enough space to properly use my mouse while gaming.

    In the end I went back to a desk set up to say the least.
  2. I can understand that being to far away would cause an issue.

    Maybe something more along these lines then?

  3. ohhhhh hellzzzz yes! Definitely more like it =)

    Now that would be sweet.
  4. Before I was into console like PS1 and PS2 until I got into Pc because of COD4. I love first person shooter and Online playing. When PS3 came I tried playing it but somehow my hands got accustom to mouse and keypad. Eversince then my PS3 has been left in the corner. Though I seldom play it but I prefer sitting on my desk with my PC
  5. Where's the cup holder?
  6. She is in the kitchen making the snacks... I refer as wife, she doesn't like "cup holder" very much
  7. garethedwards said:
    She is in the kitchen making the snacks... I refer as wife, she doesn't like "cup holder" very much

    hahaha +1 :lol:

    my only suggestion is if you do have a large uniform color wall to consider a projector. They are about as expensive as large TVs but in my opinion they get a much better image quality of a PC screen than an HDTV does.

    The only down side is you have to yell at everybody who tries to walk in front of it.
  8. Stay at the desk, I tried the transition a couple of years bag and it just didn't feel right, couches are for watching movie's and desks are for gaming. Also, that's a sweet set up Garethedwards I am mega jealous.
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