Got my Athlon XP 1800+ how high can I go?

Well got it in the mail today and here is what it says on it:
AMD Athlon TM

I have a Globalwin CAK-II 38 in the mail
and I already have my KR7A-RAID to drop it into, and then I have 2 256 meg sticks of Corsair PC2400 XMS overclocking ram
I'm hoping to run simply 150 FSB which would give me 1725 MHz CPU speed, but I'll go higher if it will.
I'm also curious if you think I should buy one passive and one active heat spreader for the DDR ram (one for each piece, only need one active because the fan is big) and also a Crystal Orb for the northbridge, but only if you guys think I need it.

I've had all my other components up to 160 FSB on my Epox 8K7A+ that had an Unlocked 1.4 GHz Tbird so I know they can handle high bus speeds. I don't plan on unlocking the chip because I paid extra for retail (my dad needs a new HSF and I wanted the warranty and case badge) but the case badge is a cheapo one that simply says "AMD" on it with a logo, nothing special like "Athlon XP"
and if you guys think it'll matter I'm going to run Windows 98se, win2kpro, and XP pro because of different software I plan on using.
So to wrap up again, how high do you think I can go?
I'm just curious until my HSF arrives next week hopefully.

BTW I have a modded case with in and out fans galore.

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  1. Well. Its a new processor in the market, so be a Crusader! :smile:

    Tell us how things go.

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  2. Do you have a LAN card in your system ? if so, what make is it, my card has probs at much over about 140 fsb (athlon 1400@1700)

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  3. Since the XP processors are multiplier locked, you can only overclock via the FSB, unless you get a conductor pen, and unlock the processor. The quality of the PCI devices on your system will determine how high you can set your FSB. I know that my LAN card limits me to about 140MHz. I have a friend who went out and got a USB LAN card so that he could overclock his FSB to 155MHz. He was running a 1700+ processor.

    Also, having two sticks of DDR memory seems to mess with system stability, so if you can overclock, you may have to run at slower memory timings to be stable. If you find that your memory is hindering you, just take out one stick and see if you can get stable again.

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  4. 3COM makes very good quality LAN card.

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  5. I have a net gear FA310 10/100 network card. On my epox 8K7A+ motherboard I ran with a 160 FSB without problems and on this Abit KR7A-RAID the highest stable I've gotten is 145 FSB. With Globalwin CAK-II 38 my temperatures are very low, and I even have the thermal probe bent up to touch underneath the CPU, so my temps would be even lower if I hadn't moved it. It just seems the board doesn't like higher FSB. In the review of this board from they couldn't reach 150 FSB even if they dropped the multiplier so I guess its a board issue. The Asus A7V266-E reached over 150 FSB so its not the chipset, must just be something in how the Abit was made.
    I would have gotten the Asus but figured ATA-133 support would keep me from buying a new motherboard longer. Not to mention High Point raid is better than Promise raid (At least for onboard solutions in my experience)
    When I run 145 FSB in post I get 1668 MHz but when I'm actually in windows WCPUID tells me 1671 MHz. With the asus board I'm sure I could run 1725 MHz (150 FSB) without problems because I've seen the athlon XP 1800+ actually run at 1800 MHz with water cooling (157 FSB).
    I guess I'd have to say if you don't care about raid or ata-133 support buy the Asus A7V266-E. I might take out one stick of ram and see if thats causing the problem but I highly doubt it, and once I order my Alumina Epoxy I'll glue my Crystal Orb onto the north bridge and try to go higher once more. I'm almost 100% sure my CPU can reach 1725 and its my mobo holding me back. Supposedly "Y9" cpus on the die are the best overclockers and with a "Y7" I should have a good CPU.

    Welcome to the end of your life Mr. Intel CPU. Don't worry I promise its going to hurt.
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