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Ive searched everywhere for this particular PC game I played as a kid 15 years ago. It takes place in an amusement park/carnival and it feels like a point and click type of game. Your looking for something/someone. You can talk to various people, get clues, go into different places, I remember going to a part of the carnival and it turns into sort of a movie about a person(s) ( in a freak show) and it is just..weird..I wish I had more details..But I loved this game! It actually had some really great graphics. Ugh..it is driving me crazy..Hopefully someone can give me an answer...(NOT Dreamland, The Residents, Horrorland)
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  1. Sanitarium maybe?
  2. No not Sanitarium. It was not a birds eye view type of game. Like first person view. You cant see yourself but you can see you hands when you pick things up and whatnot. I believe it came out around the sametime as the Titanic game-adventure out of time"
  3. the reason it is categorized as 1996 is because that is when the titanic game came out, search through it maybe it will ring a bell
  4. Thanks Everyone! I did figure it out from that list through wikipedia! It is, "The Residents, Bad day on the midway" yay!
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