Best Mouse, pad, and keyboard? G700, RAT 7, or Razer Mamba


So right now I'm using a cheap $20 Microsoft mouse. I never bought a fancy one because I recently built a computer and it would have been more money to spend. I heard that the difference between an actual gaming mouse and one like mine is significant so I decided I wanted to upgrade. However, I am not sure which mouse to get. I have been looking at these three primarily:

Logitech G700

R.A.T. 7 Gaming Mouse

Razer Mamba

I would use this mostly for gaming (not really MMOs). I definitely use a claw style grip. I don't like palming because it is uncomfortable for me. Because of this, I prefer a smaller mouse but a larger mouse wouldn't be a huge problem. I do not really care if it is wireless or wired.

I am not sure if I need a new keyboard. I don't know if there are any advantages to having a more expensive one besides looks. If I were to get one, I would probably get the Microsoft Sidewinder X4 Keyboard.

I am also looking for a mouse pad. I know nothing about these so i need a little more help here.

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  1. Mice depend a lot on user preference, its best to go to a store which stocks them and try them out.
    Personally I own a G5 (G500 is the latest version of it) and I love it, which is worth adding to your list to try.

    Keyboard wise I don't have a clue, I use a gaming pad on the side of my merc (ideazon, now steelseries) and don't really use the keyboard for more then the odd IM.

    Mousepad wise I use a Razer Goliathus (link) and its served me very well for the last few years. ITs large, but doesn't slide (even on a polished surface) and allows my mouse to glide very smoothly.
  2. Thanks for the response!
    My friend told me he had the G500 and he says it is very good as well. I was looking at that and it seemed that the G700 was the next step up. That is why I was looking more at that one.
    I was also wondering about the size of the mouse. Would that mouse fit a claw style grip? Or would this have to be something that I would have to go in and look at?
    Thanks again!
  3. currently i use the rat 7 contagion.£79

    Q-pad mk 85 mechanical keyboard with cherry red keys. £99.99
    probably the best fps mechanical keyboard available although its very expensive for a keyboard. i managed to get it at 1/3 off typically it comes in at £130-£150 full nkey roll over via usb (very rare as usually you need ps2 to get the full nkrollover feature) and individually lit keys. only issue is there red so some will like it others wont.
    if you buy from q-pad direct you can pick the mk 80 which has blue leds and choose your key type from red/black/brown/blue and your regional layout. 129eu+20eu pnp

    destructor mouse pad from razer £25(oddly enough the razer lachesis which i bought it for was useless on this mat but the rat 7 loves it.)

    keyboards to stay well clear off. razer mechanical, all of em. they have a gaming matrix which gives 6 key roll over anti ghosting on the wasd ctrl/shift which sounds good but a closer look and you find if you stray off them the roll over drops to 3-6 keys with intermittent anti ghosting. it really is poor by any standard for a mechanical keyboard in this price range. this seems to becoming a habit with razer. they have gone from a must have to a must avoid manufacturer.
    looks like they got complacent when they suddenly got a great rep for there gaming components. it turns out they have serious quality control issues as well as build quality issues. yeah they look good but thats it. pure eye candy with a sour aftertase. i wish i could say different as i was a big supporter but they really are not worth the rep they had.

    there are plenty of decent mechanical keyboards out there the qpad mk 50 is great if you dont need backlighting again full nkroll over and at £66 is 1 of the cheapest mechanical gaming keyboards. you may not like the clicky blue tactile switches though.
    the steelseries 6g v2, ttesports meka range, coolermaster quick fire rapid are great keyboards,. most of the gaming keyboards red and black are the most popular for fps gaming. if you type a lot either get the reds or the browns the browns are tactile in that they dont have a smooth action but have a slight bump at actuation point. which helps stop you bottoming out the key when typing. they can be a little intrusive in fps games at first but 1s you get used to the slight bump they will be as good as any linear key.
    so you get the best of both worlds. typing on a liniar key can be a little harder as you will tend to bottom out the key more often that not. so its more noisy. also spelling errors are slightly more common on reds due to less pressure needed to press em down... im still getting used to mine after 3 weeks. blacks on the other hand take more pressure 60g-80g so less chance of errors but your fingers will get tired quickly.
    oops sorry i didnt mean to write a book...

    in short my recommendation, a good lazer mouse a mechanical keyboard that uses ps2 to get full nkrol and a hard mat so your mouse doesnt sink every time you press the mouse buttons.
  4. Wow great response. Thanks!
    I was looking at the rat 7 and the g700. I like the low profile of the rat 7 and the look. However, I liked the amount of configurable buttons, the side scroll on the scroll wheel, and the smooth scroll mode of the g700. What I dont like about it is how big it is. What would you recommend I choose?
    And what are your thoughts on the keyboard I chose? I dont want to spend too much on one as I do not see a significant need to spend too much on a keyboard.
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    sidewinder x4 is an ok keybaord has 6key antighosting which in most cases is enough but you will struggle to play a game like teken so you will need a pad if you play that kind of game. but then again 6 key is pretty much as good as it gets till you get up into the real high end unless you get a ps2 keyboard and even then higher number key roll over isnt assured on gaming keyboards. office keyboards will offer slightly more or even full but you wont get back lighting or usb connectivity.
    so yeah the sidewinder x4 is a good well rated keyboard of its kind.
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  7. ok. thanks for all of your help! I think I'm most likely gonna go with the g700 and the sidewinder. I'll find a mouse pad later. It doesn't seem like there is too much hard decision making with the pad
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