FX6000 with Radeon 6850 vs. i7-3770k with GTX 550 TI

Not sure which of these computers I should go for. I'm looking for something that will play Diablo 3 the best, and then otherwise have excellent household performance. Really don't care about other games, as I'm sure the legacy games (Quake 3) will play just fine.


AMD FX-6100 w/ Radeon 6850:


i7-3770k with GTX 550 TI:


Keep in mind I could care less that one is refurbished and the other is new.
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  1. i7-3770k with GTX 550 TI its not as powerfull in the gfx dept. but the cpu is a stunner.
    it will max out diablo no problem but the real difference will be when you use the cpu for other things. as it offers roughly x2 the cpu horsepower per core than the fx6100
    when it comes to things like photoshop and transcoding.
    it really is a no brainer for this choice the 3770 will be a great jumping off point for upgrades in the future, while the 6100 will be an ok 1.

    the best part is the ivy bridge system will give more power but cost less to run... quite a bit less over a year. maybe even as much as $30 per quarter. thats 120 over a year... which isnt a lot but it is a good enough difference to warrant serious consideration.
  2. I'd take the i7 and 550ti but keep in mind you will want to upgrade that GPU soon. I used a 550ti for a while this year it will play modern games but does need to be low/mid settings to get decent framerates.

    6100 wouldn't bother about. The i7 is a VASTLY better CPU the only thing going for the 6100 build is the GPU is slightly better but only very slightly you would still find yourself wanting to upgrade it soon.
  3. Neither are good balanced gaming systems look for an i5 with a 6850 or better.
  4. he says gaming isnt his priority. so the 550ti is perfectly adequate. the cpu does give great performance so windows and his other apps will always run smoothly. yes its cpu heavy with a 3770 but thats what you want if your just using it as a media center.
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