Arma 2 vs Ghost Recon ?

Hi all.

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter was one of my most favorate games ever.
When I heard about Ghost Recon Future Soldier, I got it quickly.
Big mistake!
After playing for the first minute, I notice this is a completely different game - 3rd person like Gears of War.
Graphics where impressie, but there was no way to configure the playing style to what I was used to - 1st person, move out to a larger area, clear zones, etc. 3rd person worked well for GTA3,4 but not at Ghost- just can't get used to it.

So, what is the best version of Ghost Recon that keeps the original gameplay - slow, thinking, methodical, etc ?
I looked at Ghost: Shadow Wars, but that's for Nintendo only.

Any suggestions on a different series or I'm just SOL ?
What I'm looking for doesn't exist anymore and PC gaming is dying anyway?


I changed the title because I now think I was barking up the wrong tree. The Ghost Recon game I was looking for doesn't exist.
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  1. graw 2 for me is the best. the new 1 is gears of bore with sneaky suites. multi gameplay is the only redeeming feature but even then its short lived... ghost recon online is pretty generic and offers nothing new.
  2. Is Arma 2 good for someone that likes open (big) sandbox FPS ?
    Also got bug fixes since it was released so it's much more polished now?

    I hope to get some comment on Arma 2 before I waste another dollar. I already did Stalker - it was good and done with that.

    I have a Core 2 Quad (Yorkie), 8 gigs RAM, and a GTX 680 - should be able to handle Arma 2.
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    What really makes ARMA II shine is the DayZ mod. Check it out here
  4. I ended up getting Rage. At least after spending $50 for Future Soldier and $30 for Rage, I at least end up with one game to play.
    Rage is like Fallout 3 but with less story, more firepower, and better graphics. The engine isn't as good as I hoped because the environment isn't distructable and I always feel "stuck" in the canyons. It also seems to be "daytime" ALL the time. No one sleeps and no night time stealthy moves. Anyway, I just started the game and it's at least worth playing.
    I expect to get Arma II with DayZ and maybe get Arma III later..
    It seems to be getting harder to find mature sandbox FPS..
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