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I've looked through the forum but haven't really seen an anwser to this:
I have XP installed on one drive and Windows 7 installed on another. My system is configured as dual boot.I had XP installed first and then Win 7. My XP drive has failed and I need to replace it.
When I remove the bad drive i get the 'NTLDR Missing' when I try to boot to Win7. When I plug the bad drive in again I can boot from Win7 but I have to go through the check disk menu beacause of the bad drive to continue. I press skip to continue booting into Win7. How can I make just my Win7 hard drive as the boot drive? I have gone into the bios to boot from my win7 drive but I still get the NTLDR error message when I have the XP drive removed.
I have an Asus P6T board; Intel
i7 920CPU
Thanks for the help.
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    Hello jancalen55;
    You'll want to repair the bootloader.
    The easy way to do that is boot from your Win7 Installation disk and choose the Repair Your Computer option.

    When it's time to reinstall XP to get your dual boot option back follow the guidance here.
    Dual Boot Installation with Windows 7 and XP
  2. Thanks for the info. I'll try that as long as it doesn't ruin all my data on the Win 7 hard drive. I have Norton Ghost 15 installed. I tried a test back up of my C:/ drive but it wouldn't load because the XP disk is bad. My Win 7 drive is backed up as a
    (C:/) (D:/) combo beacuse the boot loader is on the C;/ drive. So I'm not sure it will look for the C:/ drive in case I have to recover my Win 7 drive.
  3. The repair option will not effect your data, but when you put XP back on the new drive, you will then have to fix the bootloader to get your dual boot back.
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