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Hey guys, what I am looking into a decent gaming mouse. I have narrowed it down to:

Or perhaps a Razer Naga model. Any suggestions? I have never owned one before, but am assuming the side-buttons are probably easier and quicker than hotkeys?
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  1. I have to agree with Gothams Finest. That RAZOR is simple,nice, and on sale. I find overcomplicated mice are just cumbersome to use. Unless you are playing alot of MMOs then that Logitech G600 might be nice. But I never overpay for mice, simple is sometimes better. That Logitech G9x would be nice, however, they are wide and I don't like that. But mice are such a personal preference.
  2. Plus the DeathAdder uses one of the best sensors.
  3. What sort of games are we talking? You initial picks suggest you play MMOs in which case having lots of side buttons is handy. Personally I play mostly RTS so I don't care about extra buttons and just want a decent sensor and a comfortable grip, so my Razer Abyssus suits me perfectly.

    There are lots of good mice out there, but which is best for you depends on what games you play, what sensitivity you like and what grip you use.
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