ARMA 2 OA no flashlight and bin/cfgweapons errors

Hi, so I recently bought Arma 2 and Arma 2 OA off of steam, I can play the game fine but I can't use flashlights. Like in the Night Ops tutorial mission the following things happen: 1) when I first start the mission at the briefing screen I get a message that says "no entry bin/cfgweapons/SCAR_L_STD_EGML and 2) when it prompts me to press L to turn on your flashlight... I press L and the light doesn't show up. However, I can advance through the mission after that up until it says to pick up a gun with a laser pointer... there is no gun (I'm guessing it's a Scar L with a laser pointer). I have looked for answers on the internet but everyone that has had the same problem never got answers. This is really aggravating because I bought the game to play Dayz with my friend (I also like the tactical realism of the other multiplayer types too, so don't hate) and my flashlight doesn't work in that either (that's what led me to try the night ops tutorial mission). So is there a way to fix this and how? Thanks so much :??:

EDIT: I just figured this MIGHT not be the right website to post this on?
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    Hi :)

    Steam forums should have the answer...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Never use the flashlight in dayz anyway unless you want bandits sniping you. It's basically a shoot me beacon...... not the answer you wanted but trust me a very useful tip ;) ...... currently survived 8 days and never turned my flashlight on.
  3. Lol I know how to survive in Dayz too :P it was just a little weird that my game didn't work properly, but I got it fixed somehow, thanks though
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