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The new Celeron 1200 is out and can be overclocked to about 1600. Who is making the motherboard or boards ( model number ) that will do it? What else is it going to take? I am running a 566@850 now with a Asus P3V4X and I had to buy a socket adapter for this set up. Thanks, SparkyKC
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  1. Ewww, a Celeron AND VIA chipset, what were you thinking?
    The best mobo I can think of for the Tually Celly is the Asus TUSL2-C. Beware that any system might require you to do pin mods for increased detected voltage to make it work at 1600, since they boot at standard voltage and increase it to your setting only after BIOS is initiallized.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  2. Well I got a deal on that P3V4X. What Asus board should of I bought? Does the TUSL2-C support a processor up to 1.6GHz? Should I wait for more motherboards to come out? I was going to get a new graphics card and decided to look into mobo and processor at the same time. Thanks again, SparkyKC
  3. For a few years now Asus motherboards have accepeted processors from compatable families at ANY speed! YOu could have gotten a CUSL2 a while back, instead of the VIA board, or a CUBX, or a P2B, but right now the TUSL2 is the replacement for the CUSL2, it adds Tualatin support (yes, even at 1.6GHz). The only limmitation is the 512MB limmit of the i815EP chipset.
    I looked at the pin chart for Socket 370, assuming the Tualatin has a 1.45v core, it can be modified to 1.65v detected core by jumping VID2 to VSS. That should be enough power to make it boot at 1600. The next one-jump mod takes it to 1.85v by jumping only Vid3 to VSS, but I think that might be too high (the Tualatin is supposed to have over-voltage protection).

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  4. check hardocp.com's forums, strictly Intel, most of them recommend a few boards over the Asus. its good and stable, but not the best available for Tualatin overclocking.

    Independant thought is good.
    It won't hurt for long.
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