cpu fan loose+oc questions

I got a xp1600+ at fsb136x11.5 on a dragon+ mobo voltage defaut+1.0
I have 3 questions
1} How much hieger could I go and how (video is msi geforce2 ti and I use on board audio and ethernet),psu is 340w.
2) where can I get bench mark program or stability tester.
3) my hsf is vantec cck-6035d. I can move the fan a bit when it sits on the cpu. I donot fell this is right but I also thought that this was suppost to be good hsf, I do use asII. Is this ok? if not maybe a diferent fan? cpu temp varies between 40 and 45C depending on the load(I don't know if it is full load).if this is a problem and I fix it Can I go faster?
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  1. well, those temps are ok....but you really shouldnt be moving the heatsink much when it is installed....you can chip off the corner of the cpu that way...which might limit how fast your cpu can go.
    i have seen it where a guy was overclocking his cpu, and when he was changing stuff, and took his heatsink off, he had put a nice chip in the core. after that, the cpu would only go to stock speeds....no more ocing for him.
    so what you should do, is accept those temps, and leave the hsf alone.....
    also, a good stability tester is cpuburn..cant remember the link for it...unfortunately...
    but you should be ok...


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  2. 40-45 degrees is ok (my XP runs at 46 on average XP 1800).
    My personal opinion is that 'overclock it till it won't work, then go back a step and run it too see if this is a stable freq (no blue screening in win98)'.
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