Does Tekkit mod make the Minecraft's buy worth?


For those who don't know, "Tekkit" is a technical mod (add-on/new game for Minecraft that adds many technic and engineering stuff .

I was amazed with many videos of this mod and the awesome things it could do in the minecraft.

But I think it's too early to buy minecraft, once they will release a new version very soon.
And if I buy it, would be just to play this tekkit mod, which I also belive it's an early project because it can go far away and make Minecraft be like a "Solid Works", "Autocad" and so on....

Another thing, how's Minecraft's multiplayer, I mean, has it a kind of server browser of many people playing together or what?

Thank you.
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  1. Tekkit is pretty cool and greatly expands upon what Minecraft can do.

    The most stable versions of Tekkit and Technic are played on outdated versions of Minecraft. You can of course play the most up to date versions of it at the expense of it being buggy and or incomplete.

    The thing about mods is every time the game or app is updated it usually breaks a ton of mods so the tekkit guys and the mod makers have to fix what broke in the most recent versions.
  2. And what about it's multiplayer?
  3. Once you buy Minecraft, you don't have to purchase anything else to get the upgrades and newer versions. So it isn't "worth it" to wait on that front.

    bergami said:
    And what about it's multiplayer?

    Tekkit has a lot of multiplayer servers out there; the main site has a lot of public servers posted up in the forums:

    So you can check out the different servers that people have posted there. Many are run by friendly staff and moderators that make sure you have fun, others are free-for-all worlds of 12 year olds blowing each other up as fast as they can. I have had a lot of fun playing the Tekkit modpack, and there is a lot of support out there for it. If you think any of the stuff sounds interesting, I would highly recommend it.
  4. Tekkit is fun, but honestly I prefer Vanilla it is definetely worth the money, its a game that never ends and has an unbelievable amount of mods that are easy to install. Oh and texture packs are awesome.
  5. Tekkit is pretty fun, but as someone mentioned before it's outdated because the creators of the mods that go in it don't all approve of their mods being included. Therefore, you might want to consider another mod pack, or just install them yourself! :) I have heard FTB (Feed the Beast) is a good mod pack that is on the latest version of Minecraft and is fully supported by the mod makers.
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