When I play any game with a 360 controller All USB ports fail.

I installed Windows 8 day one and everything seemed to be working so i uninstalled Window 7 (big mistake). I play my pc games with an Microsoft Xbox 360 controller, (please dont start the use a keyboard and mouse rhetoric). Whenever I start playing a game (Borderlands2, Crysis, Skyrim, BF3) after about 15 seconds of playing all my usb ports die. So my Mouse, Keyboard, Xbox Controller, Nostomo they all stop working, and they wont work again until i restart my pc. Even the lights on the devices dont work. This never ever happened before Windows 8. The controller is fully supported by Windows 8 and drivers are up to date. Steam and Origin are up to date. I update the Mobo Bios also. Please Help. I have spent hours with Microsoft support (they dont know anything about Windows 8), I had to teach all 3 tech agents how to use regular stuff like get to All Apps button. Please help.

Gigabyte z77-UD3H
(2) Vortex 3 60GB SSD
16GB G.Skill sniper PC1600
ATI HD7870
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  1. Have you tried it with different controllers? and different ports?
  2. yes
  3. If it worked before (windows7) and its not working fine normally now (windows 8) you need to look into some updated motherboard drivers for windows 8. Perhaps the ones installed with windows 8 do not work 100% with all devices/ports, such as USB.

    That is the best guess.

    Its happened before with windows 98 users that leaped to 2000, and it'll continue happening until there is drivers available that say windows 8 motherboard drivers, x64 version etc etc.

    And even if there are drivers available.... They may have overlooked some stuff and you may need to wait for a new revision to be released.

    That is my best advice i can think of. Searching online i do not see a single thing about this. (assuming it all worked fine in windows 7)

    Its the classic case of upgrading too early before software catches up with the rest of hardware.

    **** If you didn't look at the vendor sites to download and install drivers, i suggest you do so. Ie: Motherboard drivers for windows 8 from gigabytes site and so on.
  4. Honestly, I wouldn't waste a lot of time with it....If you tried the drivers as you mentioned. Roll back to windows 7 till about 6 months from now - Things should be seamless (hopefully by then)

    Myself.... Windows 7 is good enough
  5. I see a related post with issues with USB ports causing the system to freeze: Try these....

    Fix 1. In the BIOS, select ENABLE vs. Smart AUTO or AUTO. This will enable you to at least use the VIA ports.
    Fix 2. Only use the Intel USB 3.0 ports (below the LAN port) and the USB 2.0 internal headers on the board. Stay away from all VIA ports. This is actually a workaround. Seems 100% stable this way with the caveat that you lose the use of 4 USB 3.0 ports on your board and 2 from the header on the inside.

    If people are having USB port issues on that specific board, it seems to me a driver or bios update issue. ( i stand above with windows 7 if it worked before and now its not working.... Then we need to wait for appropriate drivers)


    There is a windows 8 driver available. Does that match your model? Then try it out sir!
  6. I stated it my first post that drivers and Bios have been updated. Also all hardware is windows 8 compatible.
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