I prevously had a computer with windoww3 I upgraded it to window7 and lately up

I upgraded my computer from 2003 to 2007 and all the materials on the hard drive on 2003 was transferred, but I recently upgraded my computer to windows XP professional but all my files were transferred from the hard drive except my past e-mails before upgrading to XP, this was in september of this year, can you let me know how to retrieve the e-mails not brought foward on the hard drive,.
I used windows word, my Isp used pop 3
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  1. If you installed XP and reinstalled all your programs, then unless you exported and backed up all your e-mails beforehand, then they are gone, and I doubt your server would keep them that long.
    You say you upgraded your computer, but no mention of any backups, whether the hard drives were replaced, formatted or kept as a backup.
    Not enough information to make a guess if there is any chance of recovery.
  2. If you email archives were not backed up, they are gone now.
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