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I have a controller for my pc which works with all games - witcher 2 ,Fifa 12,Nfs hot pursuit ,nfs shift,assasons creed revelations , etc.But it doesn't get detected in NFS The Run , there are only two options available ,wheel controller and keyboard. But the problem is my keyboard also doesn't work sometimes in the game menu and the biggest problem is that when i have to get out of the car,only two xbox buttons X and B flashes.But nothing work,i tried spacebar,enter , and almost every key,but didn't succeed.
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  1. make sure your controler is calibrated and detected by windows. with windows own calibration tool in control panel, devices and printers.
    next get it should allow you to emulate the 360 pad so the 360 consoler should show up in the games menu if your controller is plunged in... also make sure you plug in the controler b4 you start a game or it wont be detected.
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