Temperature for 1.4ghz AMD athlon

I waas wondering what a good Temperature for a 1.4 ghz AMD Athlon is . Mine is pretty high at the moment , at like 125 F . I was wondering what it should be around, what it shouldnt be around , and everything like that.

Can someone help me? Thanks
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  1. That's about 52C. Quite hot, but not extreme. Actually the max temp is 95C, but anything over 60 is getting pretty bad.

    Try to get it to between 35C and 45C.

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  2. 35oC on a 1.4GHz Athlon is next to impossible without watercooling, a Switftech MCX or MC HSF, or the Alpha PAL8045.

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  3. apparently not, in a cool room, and with some good case circulation..but then again, that is when it is idle...and an athlonxp.....


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  4. I've got a 1.0ghz Tbird running at 1.5ghz (150*10, 1.87 volts). It's been running seti@home (command-line version) for 7 hours at 41 degrees max. Using Toast, burn-in program, I'm seeing 44 degree peaks.

    There are coolers that do better but the great thing is I'm using a $4.50 cooler. (OK it was a $4.50 cooler but I upgraded it with a 38CFM Delta fan). The cooler I'm using is a Galaxy GC21 which I picked up at <A HREF="http://www.nexfan.com" target="_new">http://www.nexfan.com</A> as sort of a backup up cooler. (The $4.50 is a promotional price. Normal price $15.00). I chose it because it has a rare clip which uses all six tabs on the socket instead of just two. The GC21 heatsink is identical to a Volcano 5 unit (except for the clip) and has Galaxy's own 27 CFM fan by default. That fan works well but the Delta ... In factory trim the GC21 is about 5 degrees warmer.

    I recommend this cooler for anyone that is worried about breaking one the tabs on their CPU socket with their present cooler. Add a Delta fan for some pretty good overclocking.

    My System

    Epox EP-8KTA3PRO
    Tbird AYHJAR-Y, 1.0 @ 1.5ghz, 150*10
    256MB OCZ PC150 SDRAM, CAS2
    Visiontek 5632 Geforce 2 GTS-V ("V" for value)
    Maxtor 40GB HD, DX740
    misc. ancient hardware

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  5. Impressive overclock!

    My case has so many fans that it hovers above the ground :eek: .
  6. :)

    The Epox 8KTA3PRO and the Tbird AYHJAR-Y, week 36, are an impressive combination. I haven't had any crashes in the 2-3 weeks I've owned these, at least not at 1500mhz. I can obtain that speed at only 1.87 volts core. When I push the voltage to 2.25 (reads as 2.28), which is the factory max of this board, I can get it to POST at 1755, 130*13.5 (yes I know that's an FSB underclock). 1580 is the highest I can go and actually do anything useful. It doesn't seem to crash even at that speed but the BIOS overclock protection seems to be finicky at boot-up and sometimes won't POST at that speed. On the other hand, the protection helps the system recovery nicely from too much overclocking. Just a RESET and the system is back in business. Once I can get past POST it seems alright.

    I find this pretty amazing considering I'm running air-cooled with just average case fans (2) and the Delta fan for the CPU, all in a very, small (17-1/2 x 8 x 17"), mid-tower case.

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  7. I hope to get good OC result with my Tbird 1.4 GHz AYHJA core and my Abit KG7-RAID, I also have PC2400 RAM for FSB overclocking and I'm working at a watercooler with peltier.
    But getting so high with only aircoolong is very impressive.

    My case has so many fans that it hovers above the ground :eek: .
  8. ...Just looking at the <A HREF="http://www.overclockers.com" target="_new">www.overclockers.com</A> CPU database. Looks like the AYHJA 1.4's overclock very nicely averaging 1608mhz. There's even a claim of 2100, air-cooled. (That claim is a bit suspicious). Also some nice KG7 overclocks.

    Good luck with your water cooling project.

    <b>We are all beta testers!</b>
  9. That's why I bought the AYHJA and the KG7.
    But I've a new problem now... I fried my CPU when testing my watercooler :frown: and I need a new one, but 1.4 AYHJA are rare to get so I will buy a XP, don't no which one yet, any suggestions.

    My case has so many fans that it hovers above the ground :eek: .
  10. In case you didn't see my earlier post in the CPU forum, I have an AYHJA I'm not using if you're interested.

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