overclocking with a kg7..how far/fast?

i have an axp1800+ and i've tried raising my FSB to 150 and raised my vcore to 1.85. i was able to run 3dmark2k1 successfully but when i ran prime it would run for a good 3-5 hours (cpu temps would reach 40-43C) and then reboot. how far have people pushed their FSB on a kg7 and have had success? also i have a netgear nic and a kingston nic, should i replace the two if i want to increase my FSB? my soundblaster live wouldnt mind the increased FSB neither would it? sorry, i really am new to overclocking via the FSB, i used to overclock my Tbird through the multiplier but after two unsuccessful trips down the unlocking my axp trip i have decided to try the FSB road
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  1. A FSB of 150 MHz is pretty high.
    It could be the memory which can't handle the speed or the PCI cards can't handle the higher PCI bus frequency (if you higher the FSB you also higher the PCI bus frequency) You can try if your PC runs more stable without the PCI-cards.
    Your temps are pretty good too.

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  2. i'll prolly pull out the pci cards and work the FSB back up around 150 in a while, but most likely i'm guessing its the NIC cards, netgear and kingston, should i replace those with 3com or intels? i hear those two are good for overclocking, and also my ram its crucial pc2100 ecc, should i get faster ram?
  3. I don't know which cards are good for overclocking.
    PC2100 is, as you know, not designed to run at 150 MHz but sometimes it will, at first disable ECC check and maybe it will accept higher speeds. If you test your system with only the videocard, CPU and mem. in it and it's not stable you can try if getting some PC2400 (or higher) memory fixes that.

    My case has so many fans that it hovers above the ground :eek: .
  4. @150 you prolly will kill the board, if not some decent hardware anyway. Don't let me say I told ya so in time!

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