How to fix red alert 2 on windows 7

when i press any key in side the game the screen keeps at it is and i had to press tab and then go out and then press another tab and go in the game to find that the screen move or changed what i mean that the screen in the game doesnot move except when i do 2 cont pressing on tab bottom please help
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  1. If you press any key your screen does what? Having a little problem unstanding your question so bare with be on this. The seconded part is when you press tab the screen changes or moves? When you press tab again the screen moves back?

    Then the third part is when you continue to press he tab key then the game moves on the screen other wise it is like paused? Sorry about this but I am trying to understand what is going on.

    This is what I see. You start the game but it is frozen on the screen but to get it to move you push the tab key and you have to do this all the time inorder to move the game along?

    That is how I am reading this. Also could you post your spec's of your system like your CPU, GPU, RAM, and other hardwear. Get back to us with a answer. Again I am sorry for not understanding what you are tells us.
  2. you need to run in compatibility mode windows xp sp2. also run as admin... it wont work on win 7 64 though not with any compatibility.
  3. ^^^ I glad you understand what he was saying I couldn't even figure this one out. Good job HEXiT.
  4. im dyslexic m8 os i learned a long time ago to interpret gibberish lol...
  5. guys what fungames want to tell is when we open the yuri's revenge in window 7 64 bit there is no menu on it such as single player, internet, networt and so on.. we can see it if we do alt tab.. the menu only respond we do alt tab. the compatibility is already window xp sp2 please help us guys
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