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I just re-install Windows 7 and put back some of my steam games back on it. I made sure that all my drivers and direct x where installed, but when I loaded up any 3d game I had tons of lag which was usual for my PC. Most of the time I could run very high graphics game without any lag or any problems.

I did some searching throughout out tons of site to see if anyone else had this problem. I found a ton of people saying the same thing re-install Windows 7 tons of lag now, but when that found a solution that would not say what it was. I did tons of the things that the sites said like check temp or hardware failure but they were all fine.

Please Help :)
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  1. Weird... figured it out after consulting my computer nerd dad, it was the graphics card drivers. i installed the ones from the company and they where slow and laggy, but after i uninstalled the drivers and let windows 7 pick the drivers it was fine.
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