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I am new to building systems and just built a system with a Intel 1.7g processor. The idea of cooling keeping the processor cool is very new to me. I have noticed that my processor gets very hot with any kind of heavy use such as gaming. It spikes up to 75+ while being used. While the system is pretty much idle the temp is around 45. Is this normal or is my processor getting to hot while being used ?
I have installed the factory heatsink that came with the processor. Can anyone recommend a good heatsink for me. The board is an Intel845 chipset with 478pin. Thanks in advance for any help
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  1. This seems to be a big and common problem with the P4 processors. Well the solution is easy though under the heatsink you will find an aluminium pad with a black compound on it, take this off and male sure the heatsink is clean then buy some good quality heat transfer compound and place the between the heatsink and processor. Then put every thing together and probelm solved.
  2. Hey, I had the same problem initially with my new 1.5g P4 on an ASUS P4B board. It was idling at 47*C and peak just over 60*C ! This was with the case fan disconnected. I also noticed that the stock intel cooling fan won't turn over 3200 RPM. What is the max speed of yours? Anyway, since then I connected the case fan and added another exhaust fan under the power supply (Enlight case). Now the idle is around 42*C and peaks to 47*C, much better! I also noticed when carefully removing the heatsink again (originally installed by me) to check on the compund that it was torn up on many places and most likely was not transferring heat properly. This is further proved by that the MB temperature has dropped by almost 15*C while the CPU temp only dropped by 5*C although the peak has improved quite a bit. So I think a dual intake and exhaust fan combo is a good idea as well as replacing the factory thermal compound with a good aftermarket one.
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