What size PSU should I use for this build?

Hello all, I am (once again) reaching out to the community for an answer to a question. I have a build in the works right now, and I need to know what size PSU would be minimum, and what size would be IDEAL for this build. My specs are as follows:
- Sony Optiarc 24x DVD Burner -
- WD500GB Caviar Blue Internal Hard Drive -
- GTX 560 non ti 1GB GPU -
- Team Elite 8GB RAM 1600 speed -
- AMD FX 6100 6 Core processor 3.3ghz -
- Gigbyte GA-970A-D3 AM3+ Motherboard -

Thanks for the answers people.

P.S. If anybody could tell me how well this build could run BF3 at ultra, it would be so much appreciated! I'll even give you a cookie ;) haha
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    this can help you with the calculating the PSU watts needed

    a 500W PSU is the result but if i were you i would get more (a 600W)

    with that rig BF3 will run good with 40+ fps all maxout, i got AMD's 955 @3.4 and a GTX470 with 50-45fps avg

    chk this:,3063.html

    my cookie plz
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  3. i will give you your cookie when i get teh PCz...until then keep eating healthy my friend! But seriously, words can not thank you enough for this generous link you just gave me to! Thank you so much!
  4. glad to help you m8 :D
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