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I am facing problem whit FIFA 12 recently. Earlier the game ran smooth and fine but now it is not the case.
I am experiencing sudden lag in gameplay. Game stucks /freezes for a second while playing and its continuous. Sometimes the whole laptop freezes making a strange sound from speakers which i assume is the repetition of sound from game and in that case i have to switch laptop off using power button. The problem happens at random times. Also every time after scoring a goal the sound and the video both get stuck for microseconds.This happens every single time.
I formatted the window partition and reinstalled the OS and game and the it ran fine for 2 days and the it was back to same.
I have tried lowering the game resolution and graphic details but that is also not helping the cause. I am also done with driver updates and rolling back drivers both.
I thought it might be a problem with laptop, i called the customer care, they sent a dude and it cleaned the fan,and heat sink and all other parts but the problem is persisting. :sweat:
The specs of the laptop are:
HP Pavellion g6 1004tx
Windows 7(64 bit),4GB DDR3 RAM , Intel i5 Sandy Bridge - 2410 , 2.30GHz , ATI Redon HD 6470M 1 GB , 640 GB hard drive. DirectX 11 installed.
I think the specs of laptop are above the system requirements of game and given that i ran the game earlier, may not be issue.

Please i want help and guidance. I would really appreciate any effort :)
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  1. well this is either an overheating issue, a resource issue or hardware.

    1. overheating is well as you might imagine, your PC runs hot so it runs slow to cool itself. get a program like hwinfo to check temperatures

    2. resouces are being used up by other processes on your system (antivirus, itunes, skype, etc could be a virus too) so the game slows down to let the hardware work on those other things too

    3. hardware problem would be something slowly failing or causing errors, ie ram, hdd, gpu.

    the fact of the matter could be that your laptop was overheating and it damaged the GPU, which even after the guy cleaned the cooling system is no longer able to run full force
  2. Hmm fine , but is there any way i can zero in on the problem? Can i detect what is messing up the GPU or RAM or HDD ,so that i can go for repairs?
    And tell me safe temperature range so that i can check overheating.
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    95+C would be abnormally high temp.

    the only way i know of zeroing in on the problem is running benchmarks and stress tests. for ram there's memtest86 program that does a good job. for gpu there's suites like furmark. hdd, i haven't seen a specific bench for this but I'm sure if you google around you can find it. Hardware failure isn't common, so I'd check of the first two issues I mentioned first.
  4. SCORE:95 points (1 FPS, 60000 ms)
    Max GPU Temp: 60°C
    Resolution: 1280x720 (FS) - AA:0 samples
    FPS: min:2, max:3, avg:1 - OPTIONS: DynBkg
    Radeon (TM) HD 6470M (1002-6760)
    Catalyst - 8.801.3.1-101217a-110722C-HP (12-17-2010)
    GPU core: 700 MHz, memory: 900 MHz
    Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2410M CPU @ 2.30GHz

    this is what Furmark returned, temperature is fine, score is low but i think that is what we get out of laptop GPU.
    I checked resource issue, no virus or any other thing what may be eating up resources, in fact i ran PES 2011 just for checking, it was fine, no problem and then Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare(i know game is bit old but still for this GPU its still demanding) at medium detail, it was fine too, no lag or hang or any problem.
  5. I ran Memtest86 too, it ran fine and gave no errors, i think necessary tests are over, now i need your opinion
  6. and now i did hard disk check with window chkdsk utility and with a program called CheckDrive 2012 from Abelssoft. Both said its fine, no errors reported.
  7. you said the games ran fine after furmark. so, if it starts to lag again, either you're starting to heat up the GPU or there's some background process that is taking up the resources
  8. I found that the problem is whenever i turned on Edge Detect in Anti Aliasing from Catalyst Control Center it locked GPU to 300Ghz which slowed everything. This was reason why it ran good for some time and then started creating problem, because after sometimes i changed the setting in hope of getting better graphic output but didn't knew it would create problem. Now everything is running fine except a lag in FIFA 12 after a goal that too is rare.
    But thanks to you mate, i could have never found it on my own without the knowledge of tools and tests suggested by you. I noted different readings after changing settings from CCC and finally got the problem.
    Now the Furmark score too is 280 :-) :-D Nearly 3 times of what i had earlier.
    Thanks again for help, for me you are a rockstar :-D
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