Camera wont move while character is moving?

I just got skyrim installed on my pc last night and I noticed but if I tried to move my camera with my touchpad it won't move it move it my character with WASD. It does the same for simple flash games as well. Is this some kind of setting i need to check or uncheck? And I'm sorry if this is in the wrong forums let me know. Thanks
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  1. Hello,
    could you explain a bit better?

    Are you saying that you cannot move with WASD while your are turning the camera with touchpad? ie if you were running diagonally (W+A) and then you turned the camera with the touchpad that your character would stop moving?

    or are you saying that while you're turning with the touchpad and game is processing the turning animation and if you try to press WASD at that time it doesn't register the key strokes?

    Or something else?
  2. When im moving my character with WASD and i try to move the camera with the mouse, it wont move the camera. Is that better?
  3. okay, it's possible what it's doing is the following: it thinks that you're typing and disables the touchpad so you don't accidentally hit it with your palm while typing causing you to lose focus of where you were typing. Check in your touchpad/mouse settings for advanced options and such
  4. Unfortunetly it does it in word processing. I don't know. Sorry about the horrendous typos, I was on my phone.
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