Saints Row 3 Fps Drops

I.m having some weird fps drops in SR3. On Ultra, I,m getting frequent fps drops into the 30's (mostly when driving) despite having a pretty decent system. Anybody familiar with the game know how to increase performance?
I,m not seeing much different using sli over a single card so I suspect the issue might be sli related.
Win 7 64
i7 870
560ti x2 sli
12 gig DDR 3
750w Psu
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  1. It could be SLI, that is why I never go for SLI setup because of driver issues. My 2500k 8gb gtx570 never drops 60fps @ 1080p.
  2. Hmm, 2 560ti 's with an i7 should definitely be out outperforming a 570/i5 so their is something odd going on. Which drivers are you using?
  3. The latest one v301.42, but even v296.10 still I never experience any lag. It's an SLI issue, why not try running it on single GPU see what happens.
  4. That's the weird thing, I have tried running the game on a single 560ti but there isn't much of a performance boost unless I lower quite a few settings. The gpu usage on a single gpu is 99% while 2 gpu's is 50-70%. I'm really stumped as to what's causing the large fps drops.
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