Handheld games? Not like gameboy, gamegear, ps vita, etc.

Does anyone know if those (potentially good or ok) cheesy handheld games have been emulated or digitized in some way? The ones that were not like a gameboy, gamegear, ps vita, etc. Some of those low-graphic handhelds had good gameplay. Most never compared in their simple LCD screens to be what the better handheld devices were.

Not just the licensed titles, the no-name wannabes and not as popular types too.

Does anyone know what the hardware and software specs could be or were for those old handhelds?
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    Do you mean like game and watch games? Those for the most part have all been simulated. Try here:
  2. The old LCD games. Like the watch games, but more advanced than the watch games.

    Thanks rpg_poser.

    The other question is has any company added these to their lists of games? I'm not too sure they'd be very popular, they would have to sell hundreds in packs.

    There were different types of the handheld LCD games that got more advanced in the mid 90's, before they became much less popular and disappeared.

    Anyone know about the older software and hardware specs for these older types of LCD games?
  3. That tutorial on that page was a good read (kind of skimmed some parts). It has answered some questions I have been wondering about concerning emulation or simulations. It is tedious. I didn't know if it was that intense. I'm wondering if it's the same for the older consoles and handhelds...?

    If it was only as easy as ripping a cd, DVD or Blu-ray and the software was that easily navigatable...Some problems, hard-to-finds or costs people have: would not exist since it would be as easy as backing up your collections as the music or video is.
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