Stock 1.5G P4+P4B setup runs hot?!?

Installed boxed 1.5 Ghz P4 with factory heat sink on Asus P4B motherboard in steel Enlight case. Have 512MB SDRAM, 60GB IBM HD and ATI All-In-Wonder RADEON.

The CPU is running at 48 celsius at idle going to 57C when loaded, the motherboard shows 38C and goes to 40C under load. The CPU fan won't go over 3180 RPM. My older Celeron 333 running at 415 with stock fan turning at 4500 RPM is at 39C under load, so this seems way too high. What's going on here? Why won't the fan turn faster? Does the mobo control this? I've read on Intel's site about the P4's thermal management (
that talks about having a temperature set point that dictates fan speed. Does this mean the CPU controls fan speed? I can't believe the Intel fan is not capable for higher RPMs. To test this so called set point I blew hot air from a hair dryer onto the motherboard till it went over 41C and then the fan started to speed up to 3300RPM but this is way wrong! The CPU by then was around 58C! Something is wrong here, maybe the mobo is faulty in controlling fan speed? I'd like to figure this out before I fill the case with a dozen fans, sinks, coolers and stuff.

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  1. Does anybody have any comments on this. I know it's not an AMD but the heat works in my house... :)
  2. What is your room temp?

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  3. My room temp is around 68-69*F and my other machine runs cold compared to this! However, read my other post here apparently the addition of the case intake and exhaust fans has helped quite a bit. I'm going to replace my thermal compound but I'm still puzzled by the steady 3200 CPU fan speed under any load?!? Some stores told me that it supposed to be around 4500 RPM. The current temps are ~42*C at idle and ~49*C at 100% load (CPUStabTest.exe) at stock speed and at ~1700 overclock. Since I'm planning to push it higher I might look for an aftermarket sink and fan with higher speeds unless Intel tells me that my unit is faulty. So what 3rd party product do you recommend for a socket 478 P4 ? Thanks.
  4. If you are running ASUS probe that could be your problem. It can control fan speed if you set to do so but the info is
    not always right. Do you have the latest BIOS for your mb?

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  5. the stock hsf for th P4 is fine...even though it runs at a lower rpm. P4 hsf runs at around 2500 rpm and is getting about 40 C idle. and about 55 C full load.
    apparently....every P4 machine should have a least one case fan in it (exhaust fan)...which reduces the temp by about 5 C.
    i have one exhaust fan and im getting about 35 C idle and 50C on load.
    not too shabby. for a third party hsf....cooler master should be good as well as thermalmake (or thermaltake....i dont remember the name exactly).
    i just bought myself a cooler master hsf along with a second case fan. i havent installed it though but it should perform well.

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