Backup solutions for Servers.

Looking to get a cost effective backkup solution for three servers- 1 is a SBS 2003 (exchange, IIS, print, DNS, DHCP, Etc), 2 Server 2003 STD ( File and print, SQL 2005)
Need to attach a storage to one of the 2003 STD servers and load a backup solution that will get everything from all three- including system state, Exchange, SQL

without spending stoooopid money.
needs to be able to do weekly full backup, daily incrementals, and full monitoring of shares and keep them minuite to minuite updated.- Managed shadowcopy is ok for the miniute to miniute stuff..

no linux stuff, no on-line stuff.
dont mind buying software that is reasonable or hardware solutions.
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  1. WOW - Nothing? now that is scarey- does no one backup anymore?
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