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I have two computers which they are connected with 10/100 NIC cards. The problem is that while i can transfer files up to 100 mb i cannot transfer large files (700+), the transfer stops and it gives the message "Cannot copy [filename]: The specified network name is no longer available". This problem start showing after i installed SP1 in both machines (they have WinXP Pro). One pc has a fresh clean installation of WinXP.

I have tried almost everything (changing to default windows drivers, running the lan wizard 20 times, changing the file sharing option - simple and advance - reseating the cards, changing the QoS settings in gpedit.msc ets) with no luck. Before this i was able to transfer 5GB folders.

Both PCs have the Compex RE100X/WOL 10/100 NIC and i use UTP Cat5 twisted cable.

Thank you for your help

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  1. had exactly the same prob with xp, (along with slow logging on to network and various other probs), which is why I still use 2k pro, sorry I cant be more help, but its not just you,a nd hopefully someone will have an answer.

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  2. there are many many usenet posts about this problem, with no concrete answers. The most promising answer seems to be to make sure the NIC drivers are up to date AND XP compatible. Also, does the error occur BOTH when PUSHING and PULLING the file, from either system?

    See <A HREF="" target="_new"><font color=red>this post</font color=red></A> for some more about what I mentioned.

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  3. I have downloaded the latest drivers from compex (dated 10/01)and I cannot push or pull files. To be more specific the problem occured after (i did the following together):

    Upgraded the cpu from AXP1700+ to AXP2000+
    Upgraded the Soundblaster Live! 1024 to Soundblaster Audigy

    Upgraded the cpu from Athlon 800 to AXP1700+
    Upgraded sound from onboard AC97 to Soundblaster Live! 1024
    Removed Hitachi 32x CD-ROM and added Pioneer DVD 106S
    Upgraded mobo bios (MSI K7T Turbo-R) from 3.5 to 3.6
    Made a clean fresh WinXP Pro/SP1 installation

    After the above changes the problem occured for the first time... I will try switching pci slots though this evening and see if it helps.

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