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Running Metro 2033 off Steam. I've already played through it a couple of times. Now, just for fun, I wanted to play it with some 'extra' kick like unlimited ammo, money, health, etc. Tried a couple of trainers which ask me to press "F1" at the menu screen. But the minute I do that, though the trainer says "activated", the game freezes and I have to end task to get back to the desktop. Tried running the trainer for the Patch 1 version and the original version. Tried administrator, compatibility, but no luck.

I'm not sure about the version of the game. Steam keeps all my games updated automatically. Anyone help me with this? Thanks!
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  1. To check what version you have when uploading the game up in the righ hand corner while the game is booting it will show you the game version. If your are freezing after you hit the the f1 key.

    You might have to disable your system security and run the trainer and the game as admin. All trainers shoud have a demo to see if it works and it will tell you if it is the wrong trainer.

    Even though it say activated doesn't mean it is the right verion. One other thing to watch out for is the devs who make games do a lot of updating to there games and that means the version type is always changing.

    What ever you do do not use a trainer in an online game. They can track you and the trainer back to the site you got the trainer on and your account in which case you loose your accounts for good.

    I had a friend you did that and that is how I know. He is no longer my friend. I don't see anything wrong with off line single player stuff to use the trainer. Let us know how it worked out for you. Good luck.
  2. Thanks for the views. I tried almost everything (disabling AVG, firewall, going offline) and still no luck. By the end of it, I was pretty peeved off and chucked the whole idea and played it through normally. Had taken an off from work and wanted some quality time, which was getting defeated with the amount of time I took trying to research on the issue and all that. By the end of it, I managed to play through about 70% of the game from dud.

    Unfortunately, I couldn't even find the game version, though I looked around like you suggested. But it wasn't showing up on the screen. Usually, the version appears in one of the four corners of the screen during start up/ menu screen. But it isn't happening here. I bought the game retail and am now running it through Steam. Any ideas?

    I had found some recommendations from people on the net that for platforms like Steam, etc, one could try getting a "no-cd-fix" and run the trainer. I didn't try that because I don't really believe in cracks and patches of the likes. I do agree with you that trainers should have a demo and many of them do too! I just didn't come across any for Metro. I usually never use trainers, cheats, etc and if I do, its purely for offline/ single players - just for fun. The last time I used one was for NFS: Most Wanted (ages back!!).
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    May I ask what site you get your trainers from? Because there are only two sites that I have seen that are very good about helping with trainer problems. Yes you have looked in the most places for verison type.

    Some times if not on menu screen or during load to menu screen I have seen them in the credits and in options and you might check Steam and see if they display verison type.

    Since it is a Steam Game just for kicks do the Verify Integrity of Game Cache then try the trainer again. The site that I know about showed 3 trainers. The latest one was patch 2 then one before is patch 1.

    Which is still free and the oldest one doesn't have a patch and it is free. But nothing about version type like some other trainers have. Maybe Steam is able to block them now. I don't no for sure. Let us know what is up. Good luck.
  4. I think the trainer I got was the same one you checked up on. The first one was 'Patch 2' which required a membership or something. The other two were free - one was for Patch 1 of the game and the other didn't mention any patch. Other web sites I checked redirected me to the same trainer(s). The word file said to start the trainer first, then press F1 and then the num lock keys for various desired effects. For the patch 1 trainer, it said 'For patch 1 of the game'.

    I already tried the 'verify integrity of game cache' and everything checked out fine. I guess Steam has finally figured out how to block these things. Think my trainer days are over now, as far as Steam is concerned. :( I'll tinker around a bit more and see if something works out. Will post it here. Until then, I guess I'm done with it.

    Thanks for taking the time out mate. :)
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  6. Well good luck to you and cheers
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