GTA4 Download help!?!?

I just finished installing my LEGIT copy of gta4, bought the product code from gamestop and downloaded it using their download application. the game finished installing after about 4 hours, and when i click on play (via the gamestop app) it pops up with the rockstar social club, i sign in and hit the play button. Once i hit the play button i see my cpu usage (windows cpu/ram monitor gadget) go to 15% then almost instantly goes back down to 2%, and nothing else load. I have never played any of these bigger games on the pc since this is my first gaming pc rig. I am not sure, but maybe i need to mount an iso image of some sort since there is no disc for this game? i am not sure what to do at this point.

One last thing, i also have clciked on the launchGTAIV file in the folder and i receive the same results.
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  1. Well, thank you for all your answers! Anyway, i figured it out, the xlive.dll file was unable to download due to an error. I am not sure what i will have to do to get this file, but i hope i will figure it out.
  2. install GFWL and .NET Framework 4 these are required for the game to run, and make sure you update DirectX.
  3. After spending hours figuring it out, thank god my samsung ssd comes with magician software... without it i wouldnt have disabled the indexing service and that was most likley why i wasnt able to install the GFWL without an error. I was getting an error message 0x800b0003, I've memorized the error code by now lol, and was getting a "missing xlive.dll" everytime i started my gta4 up.

    I'd hate for others to be in the same position as i was in, i almost downloaded things that i really shouldn't have downloaded to fix the problem, visit this post for a fix.
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