Need advise of which best OS for gaming PC

Hi Guys,

I have a PC specs of the ff:

Intel Pentium G630 2.70GHz
4.0 GB Ram

Kind advise which OS is best to use for gaming (online and offline) ???.. (that utilizes the 4GB of Ram)

Thanks in advance...
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  1. Window 7 64-bit Home Premium

    Of course you will need a bit more than a G630 and 4GB for a games machine.
  2. With what you have for your spec's windows XP 32 bit service pack 3, Vista 32 or 64 bit service pack 2, and windows 7 32 or 64 bit service pack 1. Any of those OS will work with your specs.

    As stated above the games of today will not work very well with that CPU and only 4 gigs of RAM. Then it all depends on what your Graphics card (GPU) is and what your Power Supply (PSU) as well.

    The PC you have in front of you is good for work video and video editing and surfing and some flash gaming. But to Play BF3 you would have to be on the lowest settings as possible and even then it might not work right. Good luck to you.
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