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Have purchased a lenovo thinkpad x100e. Comes with wifi, GSM and bluetooth

Only problem, I have no utility for managing the bluetooth. I have the standard drivers, so I get bluetooth in the system tray. Can :

Add a device
Allow a device to connect
Show bluetooth connections
Open settings
Remove icon do i turn bluetooth ON/OFF. Doesn't seem to be an option for this, even in the settings.

On a phone, you just turn it off. On my old Vaio I could turn it ON/OFF using utilities provided with the laptop. But here there are no options to just turn it off, so I am always on (and drinking power). I can make it so I am not visible to other, but this is not the same as switching it off.

Help please!

This also comes with Access Connections (IBM) but nothing in there about bluetooth


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  1. Install the Hotkey Features Integration for Windows 7, Vista, XP and 2000 driver ( If you haven't done so.

    * Hit the combination of Fn+F5 to toggle the Bluetooth ON and OFF.
  2. Yes downloaded joy!

    Maybe it didn't install the correct elements? I have the Elite model, which is the bluetooth model. The EXE prompts you for a model number before installing, I entered

    2876 27G

    This then auto selects the correct elements

    Pressing Fn+F5 does nothing. Pressing Fn+END does nothing either (along with Fn+F12)

    All of the other Fn keys work though?

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