What Games can i run?

Hi. What games can my system run?

Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 3.48GHz
2X 2GB DDR2 800MHz 4GB total

Please, no "" stuff as it only lets you know what components are decent enough to run it. It does not show you games your system can run with its current configuration.

I have been playing GTA IV

Texture=medium everything else high with night shadows off. It is lagging a little bit. I have been playing cod4 mw1 maxed out with no lag what so ever.
What games can i run?? please help. I also have a 1600x900 res monitor if that helps.
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  1. That's a big question, perhaps you could help us out and tell us what genre of games you like. You might get some more relevant suggestions.

    Your CPU is respectable, RAM a little antiquated but you have a reasonable amount of it. Your GPU is quite fast considering it's age but be wary of AA/AF settings and high screen resolutions as the pixel/texel rates are not up to speed with more recent architecture.
  2. Im into games such as need for speed, gta, cod, skyrim, age of empires. Anything really except for things like wow.
  3. you can run any game you choose to install as long as your o.s supports it. ie dont try to install 16bit games on a 64 bit o.s as they wont install.
    and dont try to install a game like bf3 that requires win 7 or vista on xp.
    other than that feel free to isntall anything you buy. your above minimum spec for every game currently available so you have no worries about it not working because your hardware aint up to scratch.
    yes its getting long in the tooth but its still capable of giving low medium settings on high end games and high settings on games pre crysis .
  4. Sorry people, i madea mistake, i spicifically looking for games that i can run at full settings. Would i be able to run MW3 maxed out? does it use the same engine as COD4? thanks
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    yes you will be able to run cod 4 maxed out and get about 90fps mw3 is a little more demanding but you should still get a minimum of 60 fps minimum. the gtx 285 is no slouch as far as dx10 gfx goes so yeah you should be able to max em out without any issues @1080p
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