Starcraft2 cd key server compatibillity

i am planing on buying starcraft 2 in korea and bring it home to play in canada.
the problem is it's much cheaper here so i wanted buy it but i want to know if i can play on the na server in canada.
thanks in advance
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  1. yes you should be able to. you may have to use a server in Korea to activate it. but 1s done you should be able to play it without issue...
    whether the game will let you install it is another matter. it may be region locked. if thats the case you will have to figure out how change your dvd drive region code. they only allow a max of 5 changes on some less on others.
  2. Activate the game on your battlenet account with the cd key in the box, bin the box and download it from battlenet once you get back to canada.
    Job done.
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